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Diverse biological functions of HDAC3 corepressor complexes

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 HDAC3 전사억제자 복합체들의 다양한 생물학적 기능 규명 
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[영문]The reversible acetylation by HDAC and HAT is known to be crucial for the stability of p53 and p53-dependent apoptotic signaling. To unravel the functional significance of HDAC3 involved in apoptosis, the yeast-two hybrid assay was performed, and finally identified the proapototic protein, PDCD5 as a novel-HDAC3 interacting protein. Diverse protein-protein interacting analysis found that PDCD5 selectively interacts with HDAC3 among class I HDACs. This study shows that PDCD5-mediated HDAC3 cleavage upon apoptotic stress is dependent on caspase-3. Depletion of either PDCD5 or caspase-3 failed to induce the HDAC3-cleavage and diverse apototic event, indicating that PDCD5-capspase-3 cascade is generally essential for apoptosis. Furthermore, PDCD3-caspase-3 complex directly mediates the ectoposide-induced HDAC3 cleavage and reduction of histone deacetylase activity, and finally increase of cytoplasmic accumulation of HDAC3. More importantly, caspase-3-dependent HDAC3 cleavage by PDCD5 act as a modulator for the maintenance of p53 acetylation and stability.
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