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Left ventricular twist in children : Does LV rotation change with aging in children?

 Dept. of Pediatrics (소아청소년과학교실) 
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Dept. of Medicine/석사
[한글] 본 연구는 소아의 연령 변화에 따른 좌심실 회전 및 심실 비틀림을 관찰한 연구이다. 현재까지 보고에 의하면 심실 비틀림은 나이에 따라 의미 있는 변화를 보이지는 않는다고 알려져 왔다. 그러나 어린이 연령에서 학동기 전 후 나이에 따른 좌심실 회전과 비틀림의 관계에 대해서는 알려진 바가 거의 없다.40명의 소아 중 학동기 전 어린이 20명 (2세 - 6세), 학동기 어린이 20명 (7세 - 12세)을 대상으로 하였고, 심초음파 단축 영상에서 심장 기저부와 심첨부를 각각 심근벽 구획에 따라 분리 분석하였다. 좌심실 회전 및 비틀림 양상은 심장 기저부와 심첨부에서 통계적 유의성은 없었으나 학동기 전 어린이 보다 학동기 어린이에서 감소하는 경향을 나타내었다. 즉 학동기 전 어린이에서 더 큰 심실 회전과 비틀림을 나타내는 경향을 보였다.소아의 심근증을 비롯한 기타 심장질환 평가 및 치료에 기여하고자 좌심실 회전 및 심실 비틀림 현상을 연령 변화에 따라 관찰하였으며, 향후 지속적인 연구가 필요할 것이다.
[영문] Background The recently introduced method, speckle tracking echocardiography, represents simplified, objective, and angle-independent modality for quantification of regional myocardial deformation. As published, there was no significant change in LV torsion with aging, there might be some difference in LV rotation at base and apex. The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship of LV rotation for torsion with aging in children.Methods Forty healthy children were recruited and divided into two groups of twenty preschool age (2 ~ 6 years of age) and twenty school age children (7 ~ 12 years of age). After obtaining conventional echocardiographic data, apical and basal short axis rotations were assessed with speckle tracking echocardiography. LV rotations in basal and apical short axis planes were determined of six myocardial segments along the central axis.Results There was no significant change in apical and basal LV rotation with age between preschool and school age children. However, there was a certain trend between two age groups in each basal and apical rotation. In basal and apical rotation, the values of preschool age children are greater than those of school age children at anteroseptal, anterior, lateral, posterior, inferior, and septal all six segments.Conclusion There was some trend of incremental rotation value in preschool age children rather than school age children. Although there was no statistically significant age-related change in LV rotation between these two groups, the decrease trend with aging for rotation and torsion twist during childhood should be necessary for further investigation.
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