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Headgear가 상악골에 미치는 영향에 관한 유한요소법적 분석

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 (A) finite element analysis on the effect of the headgear in human maxilla 
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유한요소법을 이용하여 인간의 건조두개골에서 상악 제1대구치에 300gm의 3종류 후방 견인력(high pull head gear, straight pull head gear, cervical pull head gear)을 가하여 상악골에 미치는 응력분포와 변위를 측정하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

1. 치관부위에서 cervical pull head gear가 가장 큰 응력을 보였으며 straight pull headgear, high pull head gear순으로 응력이 감소하였다.

2. 상악 전구개부에서 압축응력은 3종류의 head gear 모두에서 앞부분(주로 ANS 부근)에서 나타났다.

3. 협골에서는 3종류의 head gear 모두에서 앞부분에 응력이 많이 발생되었으며, high pull head gear에서는 전두협골 봉합선 직하부에서 압축응력 현상을 보였고 나머지 부위에서는 인장응력을 보였다.

4. 치조골 부위에서의 변위는 high pull head gear에서는 후방, 상방, 외방변위를 straight pull head gear와 cervical pull head gear에서는 후방, 하방, 외방변위를 보였다.

5. 정중구개 봉합선부위 및 정중면상에서의 전구개부 및 횡구개 봉합선 부위에서의 변위는 전방, 하방, 외방변위를 3종류의 head gear 모두에서 보였다.


The purpose of thin study na to analyze the stress distribution and the displacement in the maxillary complex after the application of the three kinds of the head gear.(high pull head gear, straight pull head gear, cervical pull head gear.) Orthopedic force, 300 garm, was applied to the maxilla of the dry human skull in a high, straight and cervical direction. The stress distribution and the displacement within the maxillary complex was analyzed by a e-dimensional finite element method.

The results were as follow:

1. In crown, the stress of cervical pull head gear was the greatest stress and straight pull headgear was the medium stress and high pull head gear wart the least stress.

2. The compressive stress was observed on the anterior portion of premaxilla, especially anterior nasal spine area, when the three kinds of head gear were applied to the dry truman skull.

3. It appeared that the stress of the anterior portion of the zygomatic bone was greater than the posterior portion in the case of three kinds of head gear application and compressive stress was noted only at the below of the frontozygomatic suture of the zygomatic bone.

4. The backward, upward, sideward displacement of the alveolar area was observed in a high pull head gear application but in the case of straight pull head gear and cervical pun scad gear application, the backward, downward, sideward displacement

wart observed.

5. The forward, downward, sideward displacement was observed on the midpalatine suture and premaxilla on the sagittal plane and transverse palatine future in the case of three kinds of head gear application.
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