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당뇨병의 임상적 관찰

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 Clinical studies on diabetes mellitus 
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[한글] 당뇨병은 임상적으로 몇 가지 면에서 동양과 서양에서 t로 차이를 보였고 우리나라의 몇몇 저자에 의한 관찰에서도 또한 서로 차이가 있었다. 이에 저자는 1332명의 당뇨병환자에 대한 임상적 관찰을 하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 입원환자에 대한 당뇨병의 빈도는 1.11%였고, 2.3:1의 비율로 남자에서 많았으며 50대에서 가장 많았다. 당뇨병환자중 52.1%에서 표준체중이상이었으며, 발병유인으로는 비 만증이 가장 중요하였다. 갈증, 전신쇄약, 다뇨 등이 중요한 증상이었으며, 합병증은 감염이 가장 많았다. 공복시 혈당치는 120∼140mg/100ml인 경우가 32.3%로서 가장 많았고, 혈청 cholesterol치는 51.9%에서 200mg% 이상이었다. 치료성적은 혈당치가 낮고 표준체중 이상인 환자에서 양호하였다.
[영문] One thousand and three hundred and thirty-two cases of diabetes mellitus who were admitted to Yonsei Medical Center, Severance Hospital during the period from July 1963 to June 1973 were studied and the following results were obtained. 1. During the period, the total inpatients were 119, 763, giving and overall incidence of the diabetes mellitus 1.11%. The male patients dominated the female by the ratio of 2.3 to 1. The peak incidence occurred in 6th decade. 2. Obese patients(over 10% of ideal body weight) were 52.1% of diabetes mellitus. 3. Probable precipitating factors of diabetes mellitus were obesity(18.0%), heredity(8.3%), and infection(5.7%) in order of frequency. The precipitating factors could not be elicited in 36.7%. 4. The common symptoms of the onset of the diabetes mellitus were thirst(39.1%), weakness(36.5%) and polyuria(35.7%). 5. The associated complications of the diabetes mellitus were infection(32.3%), hypertension(29.6%) and meuropathy(22.9%). Diabetic coma was encountered in 1.5%. 6. The mild fasting hyperglycemia(120-150 mg%) was seen in 32.3% of diabetics. 7. The Hypercholesterolemia(over 200mg%) was seen in 51.9% of the diabetic. 8. Although therapy had a varying effect depending on the therapeutic regimen, there was better effect in the diabetics with lower fasting blood sugar level. 9. The therapeutic effect was better in the obese diabetics than the non-obese.
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