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 (The) Effect of san-goal upon the healing of experimental fractures in rabbits 
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[영문] [한글] THE EFFECT OF SAN-GOAL UPON THE HEALING OF EXPERIMENTAL FRACTURES IN RABBITS Hun Sik Choi Dept. of Medical Science, Yonsei University Many authers have carried out investigations for the effect of healing on experimental fractures with hormones, minerals and vitamins. The effect of cortisone on fractures healing was studied by K.Kowalewski(1958), who found with humerus fractures in rats that uptake of S35 was considerably less than in normal fractures. Storey in a histological investigation of tibia fractures in rats, found that cortisone produced so-called dense callus. Cortisone does not prevent early callus but causes retarded resorption, leaving large amounts of cartilage callus. Harris et al. have recently published the results of a comparative investigation of labelling with different tetracyclines and autoradiography with Ca**45. They found that tetracyclines marked all the points of active bone formation. Also Key and Odell(1955) found that excess minerals do not accelerate the healing of experimental fractures in rats. San-goal means "Bone of Mountain" in Chinese letters, it's chemical composition is FeS**2. In Korea, it is being used in bone diseases, especially in fractures of bones by Korean herb doctors, without scientific proof. Therefore, this experimental study will try to find it's effect upon the healing of fractures. Sixty adult rabbits were used, each rabbit was anesthetized with barbiturate intravenously, the skin over the anterior aspect of the forearm was shaved and prepared with antiseptic, and through a small skin incision the radius was fractured experimentally with a sharp saw. These rabbits were divided into two groups. The first thirty rabbits were medicated with San-goal 1 gm. with normal diet and the second group of thirty rabbits were fed only the regular diet. The animals were sacrificed with air embolization in eleven groups at there five, seven, ten, fourteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight, thirty-five, forty-nine, seventy, and eight-four days. In postmortem examination fractured limbs were amputated and the muscles were removed carefully. They were: 1. examined reentgenographically 2. checked for body weight 3. examined macroscopically 4. tested for union of the fractured bone by manipulation 5. examined histologically. The result of the experiment are as follows: There are no significant differences between the medicated and the control rabbits in the changes of weight, among the eleven groups. One macroscopical, reentgenographical, and histological examination in medicated rabbits, the callus formation and bony union seemed to occur earlier than the control group. Conclusion: The results obtained seemed to be indicative of the fact that the effect of San-goal bring the earlier healing process. So far, further long term research including radioisotope will be needed for the verification of the efficacy of San-goal upon the fractured bones.
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