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DMBA유도 햄스터 협낭암에서 홍삼 및 Tocopherol의 항암효과에 대한 면역조직화학적 연구

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 Immunohistochemical study of the inhibitory effect of red ginseng and tocopherol on DMBA induced cancer of the buccal pouch in hamsters 
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저자는 2-3개월된 체중 150-200gm의 응성 golden Syrian hamster 80마리를 정상군 8마리 ,대조군 및 실험 Ⅰ군과 Ⅱ군 각기 24마리씩으로 배분하여 대조군은 0.5% 9,10- dimethyll, 2-benzanthracene(DMBA)를 주3회, 15주간 협낭점막에 도포하였으며 실험 Ⅰ군 및 Ⅱ군은 대조군에서와 같이 DMBA를 도포하면서 흥삼(15mg/10gm) 및 tocopherol(2 units/100gm)을 각각 경구투여 하였다. 각 군별로 1주째부터 15주째까지 2주간격으로 회생시켜 퉁법에 따라 광학현미경으로 검경하고 bromodeoxyuridine(BrdUrd)를 이용한 5기 DNA 합성세포를 면역조직화학적으로 관찰한 후 BrdUrd 표지지수를 계산하였으며 유세포측정기를 이용한 세포주기에서의 DNA 함량을 비교 연구하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

1. 상피내암은 대조군의 11주째, 실험 Ⅰ군 및 Ⅱ군의 13주째에 관찰되었고 종양형성은 대조군의 13주째, 실험 Ⅰ군 및 Ⅱ군에서는 15주째에 관찰되었으나 실험 Ⅰ군이 Ⅱ군보다 상대적으로 심하였다.

2. 조직학적 분화 소견과 상응하는 BrdUrd 표지세포돌은 정상조직에서는 대부분 기저층에, 이형성 발현시기에는 부기저층에도, 상피내암 발현하는 시기 이후에는 전층에 걸쳐 무질서하게 분포되여 있었다.

3. BrdUrd 표지지수는 조직소견과 연관성이 있어 전암병소의 조직학적 진단과 종양활동성 추정에 의의가 있으며 유세포 측정기는 이수체 검색으로 임상적 악성도를 예측할수 있고 G2 / M과 S기의 세포들을 인지할 수 있어 종양형성 시기를 간접적으로 판단할 수 있으

리라 사료된다.

4. DMBA유도 협낭암 발암과정에서 흥삼과 tocopherol은 억제효과을 보이나 흥삼은 이형성 발현시기에, tocopherol은 상피내암 발현후에 상대적으로 보다 큰 억제효과가 있는 것으로 사료된다.


This study was undertaken to observe the effects of red ginseng and tocopherol on 9, 10- dimethyl 1, 2- benzanthracene(DMBA) induced cancer of the buccal pouch in hamsters. In this study eighty male golden Syrian hamsters, weighing about 150∼200gm, were used and divided into 4 groups : normal group(n=8) -untreated : control group(n=24) -DMBA painted : experimental group Ⅰ (n=24) -DMBA painted and red ginseng(15mg/100gm) administered : experimental group Ⅱ (n= 24)- DMBA painted and tocopherol(2units/100gm) administered. According to groups, the animals were sacrificed every 2 weeks for 15 weeks. Microscopic examination was done and BrdUrd labeling index was calculated after examination of DNA synthetizing cells(S- phase) according to immunohistochemical staining. Distribution of DNA contents of the cell cycle was also measured with flow cytometry. Comparative results between the various groups are as follows :

1. According to histopathologic features, carcinoma in situ was observed at 11 weeks in the control group and at 13 weeks in the experimantal group Ⅰ and Ⅱ. Well differentiated carcinoma was seen at 13 weeks in the control group and at 15 weeks in the experimental group Ⅰ and Ⅱ but features in the experimental group Ⅰ were relatively more severe than those of the experimental group Ⅱ.

2. In the distribution of the bromodeoxyuridine(BrdUrd) labeled cells, which were compatible to the histological grading, the greatest incorporation of BrdUrd was seen in the cells of the basal layer within the normal epithelium. When dysplatic changes were observed, BrdUrd was more siglificant in the parabasal cells. However, in carcinoma in situ, BrdUrd showed a disorderly arrangement throughout the whole thickness of the tumor epithelium.

3. Brdurd labeling index, which correlated with histological findings, has a remarkable significance in histologic diagnosis of precanerous lesions and prediction of tumor activity. Flow cytometry may be used to evaluate clinical malignancies by detection of aneuploidy and could be used indirectly to predict the period of tumor formation by detecting the distribution of cells in the S - phase and G2 / M phase.

4. Although both red ginseng and tocopherol had inhibitory effects on the DMBA induced cancer of the buccal pouch in hamster, red ginseng seemed to have more inhibitory effect in dysplastic changes and tocopherol seemed to have a more inhibitory effect after expression in carcinoma in situ.
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