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지대치를 위한 Pin유지 아말감 Core의 최대우력(最大偶力)에 관한 연구

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 (A) study on the maximum couple of forces of pin retained amalgam core for abutment 
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Pin 유지 아말감이란 피질의 손상이 심한 치아에 Pin을 식립하여서 인공적으로 치질을 만들어 주는 것이다.

Pin은 삽입시 치아의 파절이 없어야하며 몇개의 Pin으로 많은 힘에 견디어내야 한다. 특히 Pin 유지 아말감 core에 미치는 우력은 계속가공의치나 국소의치의 지대치로 사용했을 경우 임상적으로 중요한 의와가 있다고 생각된다.

저자는 Pin종류중 Frictional locked pin, Self threaded pin, Parapost system 및 대조군으로 나누어서 최대우력을 측정한 결과 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

1. 최대우력에 대항하는 힘은 Self threaded pin, Parapost, Frictional locked pin 순으로 나타났다.

2. 최대우력에 대항하는 힘은 Pin의 숫자가 4개, 3개, 2개의 순으로 크게 나타났다.

3. Pin의 식립 위치관계는 협측과 설측에 각각 하나씩 Pin을 위치시킨 경우와 근심과 원심에 각각 하나씩 위치시킬 경우와는 거의 차이가 없었으며, 근심에 2개 원심에 1개를 위치시킨 것보다 근심에 1개 원심에 2개를 위치시킨 경우가 높은 수치를 나타낸다.

4. Parapost는 대조군과 유사한 수치의 결과가 나왔다.

5. 대조군과 비교해서 Self threaded pin을 3개나 4개를 사용했을 경우 계속 가공의치나 국소의치의 지대치로서 충분히 사용할 수가 있는 우력에 대항하는 힘을 보였다.


Pin retained amalgam is an artifical construction of tooth by implacement of pins to the tooth which dentin is severely damaged. When inserting a pin there should be no fractures in the tooth and should withstand large forces.

Especially the couple of forces on pin retained amalgam core has an important clinical meaning when used as an abutment of crown and bridge or partial dentrue.

In this study, we divided the pins into Frictional locked pin, Self threaded pin, Parapost system and control group. And we measured the maximum couple of forces.

We have obtained following results.

1. The group of pins that was most resistant against the maximum couple of forces was the Self threaded pin, and the Parapost system was the second most resistant group. The Friction locked pins were least resistant to couple of forces.

2. The effect of number of pins on resistance to the maximum couple of forces increased as number of pins increased to 2,3 and 4. And difference in resistance was significant.

3. The relationship between position of pins was that there was no significant difference between positioning each pins in the buccal and lingual, and positioning each pins in mesial and distal, and that positioning one pin in the mesial, two pins in distal had higher value than positioning two pins in mesial, one in distal.

4. Parapost had simiar value to that of the control group.

5. When compared with that of the control group, the group that used three or four Self threaded pins showed sufficient force to resist couple of forces when used as an abutment of crown and bridge or partial denture.
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