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치과용 아말감의 부식에 관한 전기화학적 연구

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 (An) electrochmical study on the corrosion of dental amalgam 
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부식은 아말감 수복물의 수명을 단축시키는 주된 요인으로 간주되고 있다. 치과용 아말감 합금들의 내식성을 평가하기 위해 무게감량 측정과 건위측정, 분극측정같은 전기화학적 측정방법들이 행해져 왔으나 이러한 방법들은 실제적인 부식현상을 비교하기에는 어려운 점이 않다.

저자는 국내에서 시판, 사용되고 있는 수종의 치과용 아말감 합금들의 부식성을 비교하기 위해 electronic potentiostat를 사용해윅 37℃의 인공타액을 전해액으로, SCE의 전위를 O.OV로 고정시킨후 24시간 동알 부식전류량을 측정함으로써 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다.

1. High Copper 아말감이 재래식 아말감 보다 내식성이 우수하나, high copper 아말감중 pellet으로 된 합금은 부식성이 높았다.

2. 재래식 아말감에서 lathe-cut 합금중 fine-cut합금이 regular-cut합금보다 내식성이 우수하였다.

3. 아연을 포함하지 않은 재래식 아말감 합금이 아연을 포함한 재래식 아말감 합금보다 내식성이 우월하였다.

4. High copper 아말감과 재래식 아말감에서 모두 predispensed아말감 합금이 pellet형 보다 내식성이 강하였다.


The corrosion of silver amalgam is regarded as one of major causes in the failures of dental amalgam restorations. To evaluate the corrsion resistance of dental amalgam alloys, electrochemical tests such as potential and polarization measurement were used widely. But these commonly used methods have not provided the sufficient informations on relative resistance of amalgam to corrosion.

In this experiment, the corrosion currents were measured using electronic potentiostat to compare some commercial dental amalgam alloys. All alloys were triturated in a amalgamator and condensed into a mold described in A.D.A. Specification No. 1 to produce cylinder form specimens of 4mm diameter by 5mm long. After specimen kept for1 week at 37℃, each specimen was embedded in epoxy resin. The surfaces of specimens were then polished with a emery paper, diamond dust, and Al^^2 O^^3. These specimens were immersed in artifical saliva kept at 37℃, and currents of each specimen were measured for 24 hoers at O.OVolt (SCE).

The author obtained conclusions as follows:

1. High copper amalgam showed superior resistance against corrosion to conventional amalgam, butt a pellet form of high copper amalgam seemed to be susceptible to corrosion.

2. In lathe-cut alloys, fine-cut had superior resistance against corrosion to regular-cut.

3. Non-zinc conventional amalgam alloys were more resistant to corrosion than that of zinc containing conventional amalgam alloys.

4. In both of high copper and conventional amalgams, predispensed forms tended to have better resisitance to corrosion than that of pellet forms.
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