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하악전돌증 환자의 악교정수술후 안면측모 변화에 관한 두부방사선 계측학적 연구

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 (A) cephalometric study of profile changes following orthoganthic surgery in patients with mandibular prognathism 
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[한글] 저자는 악교정수술 전후 및 수술후 6개월 이상 경과후에 경조직 및 연조직의 변화에 관한 연구를 위하여 하악전돌증 환자중에서 수술후 6개월이상 계속적인 관찰이 가능하였던 18명 (남자 10명, 여자 8명)의 X-선 두개 계측사진을 분석하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. * 하악만 시상분할 골절단술한 경우 1. Ll는 수술직후 7.55 mm 후방이동 되었고, 수술후 6개월 이상 경과후는 1.1 mm가 전방으로 회귀되어 14.6 % 회귀율을 보였다. 2. Pog는 수술후 6개월 이상 경과시 수술전에 비하여 8.3 mm가 후방이동 되었고 Pog 에 대한 Pog'의 변화율은 95% 이었다. * 상악 Le-fort Ⅰ골 전단술과 하악시상분할 골절단술 동시에 한 경우. 3. A Point는 수술직후 3.31 mm 전방이동 되었고 수술후 6개월 이상 경과후는 0.31 mm가 후방으로 회귀되어 9.4%의 회귀율을 보였다. 4. 수술전과 수술후 6개월 경과시에 안면돌출각( N-A-Pg )에 대한 연조직 안면돌출각 ( N'-SN-Pg')의 변화율은 63 % 이었다.
[영문] The purpose of this study was to examine soft tissue and hardtissuc changes following orthognathic surgery in patients with mandibular prognathism lateral cephalomctic films were obtained immediate before surgery, 48 hours following surgery, and 6 months following surgery. 18 patients were selected (10 men, and 6 women) for this study, who had received orthognathic surgery. Statistical analysis for the each time interval differences were performed with the SPSS package. The results were as follows ; * In the cases of mandibular sagittal split osteotomy 1. Ll point was moved backward (average 7.55mm) 48 hours following surgery.6 months later, it was returned forward. (average 1.1mm) Relapse rate was 14.6% 2. Pog was moved backward (average 8.3 mm) 48 hours following surgery The ratio of horizontal change of soft tissue to hard tissue at peg is 0.95 : 1 * In the cases of maxillary Le-Fort I osteotomy & mandibular sagittal split osteotomy. 3. A point was moved forward (average 3.31mm) 48 hours following surgery, 6 months later, it was returned backward (average 0.31) Relapse rate was 9.4% 4. 6 months later, the ratio of facial convexity angle change of soft tissue to hard tissue is 0.63 :1
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