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아동의 구강보건에 대한 보호자의 관리태도 및 지식정도에 관한 조사연구

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 (A) study on the parent's knowledge and attitudes concerning the dental health of their children 
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[영문]The study was performed to evaluate the Parent's Knowledge and attitudes concerning the dental health of their children. A qrestionnaire consisting of 17 questions was given to each of the 664 parents by their children who are attending in primary school and was completed by them. The collected information from the questionnaire was analyzed by the visits to dental clinic, age and education on. The results obtained from this study are as follows: 1) The more educated parents were more interested to the dental health of children. 2) In the Knowledge concerning the dental health of their children, the parents who were more educated and had visited the dental clinic gave the better Responses 3) There were no clear differences in age groups in the knowledge and attitudes on their children's dental health. 4) The reason for first visiting the dental clinic was dental treatment 43.2%, toothache 35.4%, for the purpose of oral examination 21.2%, and others were 9.2%. 5) 13.1% of the parents who had visited the dental clinic couldn't or didn't follow the recommended treatment because of economic difficulty 53.3, lack of time 25%, lack of understanding of child's dental needs 18.3%, and other reasons were 3.3%.
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