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폐결핵 환자 혈청의 여지전기영동상에 관한 연구

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 (A) study on the paper electrophoretic patterns of pulmonary tuberculosis patient's sera 
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[영문]Electrophoretic studies of the serum protein changes in human pulmonary tuberculosis have been reported by Seibert and others since after the earliest attempt was made by Becquerel and Rodier. These studies showed that as the disease progressed, there were increases in the albumin, and it was suggested that the increase in gamma globulin was due to antibody formation. The present work was carried out in order to confirm the findings of Seibert and others, particularly about pulmonary tuberculosis in Korean, and to establish certain basis for Korean because almost no attempt has been made in this field. Following results have been obtained through the study on paper electrophoretic patterns of sera in 57 active pulmonary tuberculosis and 16 normal healthy individuals. The experiment group was consisted of 45 fresh untreated cases and 12 cases of under treatment. Results: 1. In fresh active pulmonary tuberculosis patient groups there were significant decrease in albumin and A/G ratio, and significant increases in alpha 2 globulin and gamma globulin fractions from those of control group. Also there was a definite tendency of changes in relation to the extend of disease. 2. There were significant increase in alpha 2 globulin and gamma globulin, and significant decrease in albumin and A/G ratio in cavitary exudative caseou, non-cavitary exudative caseous, and fibrocaseous groups which were classified according to their pathological changes seen on the X-ray films of the chest, and there were no differences among each pathologic groups. 3. In symptomatic classification, there were similar trends and the asymptomatic group was shown between symptomatic groups and control group, but there was no significant change according to the severity of disease.
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