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Insulin 투여가 백서의 운동능력에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

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 Effect of insulin administration on the physical performance of rats 
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[영문]The correlation between the high muscle glycogen content and the physical performance of rats was evaluated by investigating whether the muscls glycogen content can be one of the determinants to improve the physical performance among the various effects of exercise. Sixty albino rats were divided into control and experimental groups. Protamine Zinc Insulin(6 units/48 hours) was injected subcutanously to experimental group for two weeks to increase the content of the muscle glycogen and saline was injected to control group. After two weeks the muscle glycogen content, maximal running time on the treadmill and maximal swimming time were measured. The results obtained are briefly summarized as follows; 1. The muscle glycogen content of the experimental group was significantly grootor than that of the control(P<0.025), however the blood glucose concentration revealed no difference between the two gruops. 2. Both the average maximal running time and swimming time were greater in the experimental group than that of the control, particularly the latter showed a significant difference between two groups(P<0.01). From the above results, it may be concluded that the elevation of muscle glycogen alone without amy previous physical training can improve physical performance of rats.
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