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관상동맥조영술에 의한 한국인 관상동맥의 형태학적 연구

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 (A) study on the anatomy of the coronary arteries of Korean adults by selective coronary angiography 
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[한글]관상동맥조영술로 관상동맥의 형태학적인 계측이 가능하였던 63예를 분석 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 좌우관상동맥의 주간부의 직경은 각각 2.7∼6.3mm(평균 4.0cm), 2.1∼6.0mm(평균 3.6mm)였으며 좌관상동맥 주간부(main stem)의 길이는 0∼23mm(평균 9.3mm)였다. 좌측의 구경이 우측에 비해 큰예가 44예(70%)였다. 2. Conus분지는 50예(79.4%)가 우관상동맥의 기시부에서 분지했으며, 13예(20.6%)는 대동맥궁에서 독립적으로 기시 할 것으로 사료된다. 3. 동방결절분지는 35예(55.6%)가 우관상동맥에서 20예(31.7%)가 좌관상동맥 회선지에서, 8예(12.7%)에서는 양측에서 동시에 분포하였다. 4. 방실결절분지는 59예(93.7%)가 우관상동맥에서 4예(6.3%)에서만 좌관상동맥의회선지에 기시했으며 모든 예에서 후하행지와 같이 분포하여 우측우세(dominance)가 대부분이었다. 5. 동방결절분지와 방실결절분지와의 관계는 두분지 모두가 우관상동맥에서 기시하는 예가 33예(52.4%)로 많았으며, 방실결절분지가 우관상동맥에서 그리고 동방결절분지는 좌관상동맥에서 각각 분지하는 예가 19예(30.2%)였다. 6. 좌관상동맥 주간부(main stem)의 분지(ramification)는 2분지되는 예가 53예(84.1%)로 제일 많았으며 3분지되는 예가 9예(14.3%), 4분지되는 예가 1예(1.6%) 있었다. 7. 좌전하행지의 diagonal branch의 수는 1개가 34예(54%) 많았으며, 2개인 예가 28예(44.4%), 3개가 1예(1.6%)였다.
[영문]With the recent increase of coronary artery disease in Korea, coronary arteriography is rapidly gaining importance as diagnostic procedure in the management of ischemic heart disease in this country. In order to delineate normal angiographic anatomy of the coronary arteries in Korean adults, the author reviewed 63 normal or near normal coronary angiograms out of 113 consecutive cases done at the cardiac laboratory of Yonsei University Severance Hospital from February, 1981 through July, 1982 and obtained the following results. 1. The diameter of the main stems of the left and the right coronary arteires measure 2.7-6.3mm(mean, 4.0mm) and 2.1-6.0mm (mean, 3.6mm) respectively, and the length of the left main stem measured 0-23mm(mean, 9.3mm). 2. The conus branch was visualized to originate from the proximal right coronary artery in 50 cases (79.4%), and in the other 13(20.6%) in whom the conus branch was not visualized, it was assumed to have a separate ostium directly from the aortic root. 3. The sinus node artery originated from the right coronary artery in 35 cases (55.5%) and from the left circumflex in 20(31.7%). The remaining 8 cases (12.7%) appeared to have dual blood supply. 4. The artery to the A-V node arose from the proximal part of the posterior descending artery as a branch of the right coronary artery in 59 cases (93.7%) and of the left circumflex in only 4 (6.3%), and the pattern of the A-V node blood supply coincided with the dominancy (crossing the crux of the heart and giving rise to the posterior descending artery) of the right or the left circumflex arteries. 5. In 33 cases (52.4%), both of the aeteries to the SA and the AV nodes arose from the right coronary artery, and in 19(30.2%), the SA node artery came from the right, whereas the AV node artery originated from the left circumflex. 6. The number of ramifications(furcation) of the main left coronary artery was two in 53 cases(83.1%), three in 9(14.3%), and four in 1 (1.6%). 7. The number of diagonal branches of the left anterior descending artery was one in 34 cases(54%), two in 28 (44.4%) and 3 in 1(1.6%).
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