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수술후 급성신부전증(手術后急性腎不全症)의 임상적 고찰

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 Clinical observations of postoperative acute renal insufficiency 
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[한글] 1966年부터 1972年 사이에 세브란스 病院에서 經驗하였던 手術後 或은 甚한 外傷과 手術後에 發生한 急性腎不全症 患者 14例를 臨床考察하였다. 14例中 男子 8例, 女子 6例였다. 手術後 急性腎不全症의 가장 重要하고 顯著한 原因이라고 생각되는 것은 底血壓이며 附加해서 敗血症 및 hepatorenal syndrome으로 들 수 있었다. 5例에서 腹腔透析(peritoneal dialysis)을 施術하였으며 考察對象例數가 적어서 結論은 내릴수 없으나 腹腔透析을 急性腎不全症 發病으로부터 可及的 빠른 時間內에, 數回에 걸쳐 자주 實施한 例에서 予后가 좋았다고 본다. 14例中 3例는 生存하였고 11例는 死亡하였다. 底血壓에 따라 腎不全症을 일으킨 大部分의 例가, 腎不全症 診斷이 確診된 后 48時間內에 死亡 하였다. 腹腔透析을 實施한 群에서는 生存率이 40%를 占하였다.
[영문] 14 patients with acute renal failure had been treated at the department of Surgery Severance Hospital from May, 1966 to July, 1972. 8 of 14 patients were men and 6 women. For acute renal failure, hypotension after surgery or trauma was the most important and direct causitive factor, and septicemia and hapatorenal syndrome also seemed to be responsible. 5 cases were treated with peritoneal dialysis. Among 14 patients, three of olguric type were alive and 11 failed to recover. The most of patients with hypotension died within 48 hours after acute renal insufficiency was documented. 40% of patients treated with peritoreal dialysis were recovered.
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