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상부소화관 협착의 풍선 카테터확장

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 (The) ballon dilatation of upper gastrointestinal strictures 
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상부소화관 협착환자에서 풍선카테터를 이용한 확장술은 현재 많이 이용되며 연구중인 치료법이다.

연구자는 상부소화관 협착의 확장에 풍선카테터에 의한 치료가 어떠한 임상적인 도움을 주며 그 결과는 어떻게 되는가에 대하여 약 4년동안 16례의 환자에서 연구하였으며 이 치료로서 식도암 환자를 제외한 모든 증례에서 정상적인 식사를 할 수 있는 결과를 얻었다. 어떠한 원인으로 인해서든 상부소화관 협착이 생긴 환자에서 풍선카테터 확장술은 임상의사 및 환자에게 많은도움을 주었기에 풍선카테터를 이용한 상부소화관 협착의 확장술은 수술의 적응증이 안되거나 수술이 적합하지않은 상부소화관 협착환자에서 좋은 비수술

적인 치료법으로 될수 있다고 사료된다.


Balloon dilatation of upper gastrointestinal strictures is an accepted mode of therapy. This report describes balloon dilatation in 16 consecutive patients. The lesion treated include 15 benign strictures, and 1 esophageal cancer.

Esophageal balloons range from 2 mm in diameter, 4 cm in length, to 30 mm in diameter, 8 cm in length. Inflation was held for from 30 to 60 second and repeated two or three times during each session. The balloons were inflated to pressure of from 2 to 12 atmospheres and balloon dilatations were performed from 1 to 23 times. All dilatations were performed without anesthesia.

Five esophageal perforations were occured as complications; a esophagitis, a post-operative tracheoesophageal fistula and three chemical strictures. Esophageal perforations were not required any surgical repair. All strictures responded immediately to dilatation. Prolonged course of treatment was needed in case of

chronic severe esophagitis, chemical stricture, and doing chemotherapy.

As a result, all patients, except a esophageal cancer patient, were acceptable to regular diet after balloon dilatation. Balloon dilatation of upper gastrointestinal stenosis is effective and safe. It should be considered before other methods of treatment applicable
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