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한국인 뇌 정맥동 교회에 관한 연구

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 Morphological studies of the confluens sinuum in Koreans 
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[영문] The anatomical texts (Giss ; '66;Brash, '64;Grant, '65) in common useage stated that the superior sagittal venous sinus of the Dura mater the right transverse sinus and the straight sinus enter the left transverse sinus. It is mentioned that the reverse pattern occasionally occurs and that there is some degree of cross connection between the junction of the superior sagittal sinus with the right transverse sinus and the straight sinus with the left transverse sinus, so forming the confluence of sinuses. Anson and Maddock ('52) stated that the superior sagittal sinus may bifurcate and contribute to both transverse sinus. Gibbs & Gibbs ('34), Browning ('53) have described the types of sinus confluence in various classification. The present investigation is an attempt to clarify the typing of confluence sinus systems in 50 Korean cadavers. We removed the dura mata of the posterior cranial fossa and observed the confluence of sinuses. Investigation results and conclusions were summerized as follows ; We classified the confluence of sinues into 4 types. Type 1 (common pool type); the superior sagittal and straight sinuses formed an open conflunece from which the two transverse sinuses aroses. Type 2 (double bifuracaton type); both the superior sagittal sinus and straight sinuse bifurcated with union of their right and left branches to form the corresponding transverse sinuses. Type 3 (straight sinus bifuracation); the superior sagittal sinus turned to the right or to the left while the straight sinus bifurcated. One of the straight sinus branches become the transverse sinus on one side while the other joined the superior sagittal sinus on the opposite side to form the remaining transverse sinus. Type 4 (superior sagittal sinus bifurcation); the superior sagittal sinus bifurcated, while the straight sinus turned to the right or left to joined the corresponding branches of the superior sagettal sinus.
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