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제일대구치 결손시와 가공의치 장착후의 저작능률측정에 관한 실험적 연구

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 Experimental study on the masticatory efficiency in the missed first molar and crown & bridge on that area 
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[영문] The author had studied the masticatory efficiency on three different types; on missing of the first molar, on replacing the missed first molar with crown & bridge and on natural dentition. This study was made from the parched soybeans as testfood by means of mesh technique. As a result of this study on 25 of natural dentitions, 20 of crown & bridges and 25 of missing of the first molars, the followings were come out. 1. Masticatory efficiency of natural dentitions was 75.8%, that of crown & bridges was 66.4%, and that of missing of the first molars was 43.7%. 2. Difference of masticatory efficiency of crown & bridges to natural dentitions was 0.4%, that of natural dentitions to missing teeth was 32.1%, and that of crown & bridges to missing teeth was 22.7%
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