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 Clinical study of the fracture of pelvis 
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[영문] This report includes experiences of 162 cases of the pelvic fractures treated in Severance Hospital from August 1st 1964 to July 31 1971. 1. Pelvic fracture with trauma is a common problem resulting from the increasing frequency and severity of automobile accidents annually. 2. In age distribution, 69 cases of 162 cases were observed between 21-40 years of age and the average age incidence is 36 years. Males(60.5%) showed a decidedly higher incidence than female. 3. The causes of fracture of the pelvis were traffic accident-122 cases, direct blow-21 cases (13.0%), Falling-13 cases(8.0%), coal mine-4 cases (2.5%) and postpartum-2 cases(1.2%). 4. From the results of fracture analysis in 162 cases, the most common sites of fracture were pubic rami fracture 59.9%(Unilateral; 38.9%, bilateral; 21.0%), fracture of acetabulum 17.9%, Malgaigne fracture 8.0%, isolated fracture of the wing of ilium 5.5% and separation of the symphysis pubis 9%. 5. Among the pubic rami fractures, we experienced one case of stress fracture of the superior pubic ramus and one case of separation of the symphysis pubis after dilivery. 6. Almost 1/2 of the cases of fracture of pelvis were complicated by a wide variety of other bone fractures (49.3%) and injuries to soft tissue, especially bladder and urethra rupture 27.1%, retroperitoneal hematoma 8.6% and cerebral concussion or contusion 14.2%. 7. The common causes of the rupture of bladder and urethra was pubic rami fracture in 67.4% of all cases. 8. Two cases of 162 expired due to irreversible shock(mortality rate; 1.24%).
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