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신경매독의 임상적 고찰

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 Clinical studies on neurosyphilis 
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신경매독은 매독균에 의하여 신경계가 손상되어 오며, 매독균에 초감염 된후 수년 내지 수십년이 경과된 다음 그 증상이 나타난다.

저자는 54명의 신경매독 환자에 대한 임상적 관찰을 하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

매독환자 705명중 신경매독 환자는 54명으로서 약 8%에 해당된다.

50대에 그 빈도가 가장 높았고, 남녀 비는 약 7:1이었다.

분류로는 척수로와 진행성마비가 각각 28 %로 가장 많았다.

배뇨장애, 지각이상 및 동통이 주증상이었으며, 정신병학적 소견으로는 인격변화, 통찰력소실 및 기억력상실이 가장 많았다. 이학적 소견으로는 슬관절반사와 과반사의 감소내지 소실이 가장 빈번하였다.

혈청의 FTA-ABS test는 전예에서 양성이었고, 뇌척수액의 FTA-ABS test는 90 %에서 양성 이었다.


Author has studied 54 subjects of neurosyphilis who were admitted to Yonsei Medical Center, Severance Hospital during the period from January 1964 to July 1977.

1. Of 705 subjects diagnosed as syphilis, neurosyphilis contained 54 subjects (8%).

2. Male to female ratio of all neurosyphilis was about 7:1.

3. Over the half (58%) of the neurosyphilis was in 5th and 6th decade and the peak age being in 6th decade.

4. The duration of the development of symptoms and signs compatible with Neurosyphilis from the initial infection with Treponema Pallidum was about 3-30 years.

5. The classification of neurosyphilis was asymnptomatic neurosyphilis (17%), meningovascular syphilis (15%), Tabes dorsalis (28%), General paresis (28%) and the miscellaneous form (12%).

6. The serologic test for syphilis of the blood and cerebrospinal fluid revealed as follows ; The positive rate in serum was VDRL (92%) and the FTA-ABS test (100%).

The positive rate in cerebrospinal fluid was VDRL (80%) and FTA-ABS test (90%).

7. The diagnosis of neurosyphilis is difficult due to lack of an ideal infallible laboratory test, the obscurity of the clinical symptoms and the rising incidence of its atypical forms.
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