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도재의 색조가 복합레진 중합에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

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 (An) experimental study on the effect of variable shades of porcelain curing of the composite resins 
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저자는 도재시편의 색조가 복합레진의 중합에 미치는 영향을 알아보기 위해 Basic, Light Basic, Dark Basic (Shade 변수I)과 Basic, Yellow, Gray (Shade 변수T)색조의 직경 10mm, 두께 10mm의 도재시편과 내경 7.0m7n, 높이 1,0mm의 검은색 Plasmic mold를 제작한

후 이를 와동으로 하여 Hybrid type 가시광선 중합형 복합레진인 Choice adhesive passe를 기포가 생기지 않도륵 가압 충전한 후 이 위에Celluloid scrip과 도재시편을 올려놓은 다음 Shade 변수 I (Brightness)실험에서는 이 위에 직접 가시광선을 30초, 60초, 90초,

120초 조사하여 실험군으로, Celluloid strip위에 직접 가시광선을 30초, 60초, 97초, 120초 조사하여 대조군으로 하였고,Shade 변수I (Color) 실험에서는 각 도재시편을 올려놓고 가시광선을 30초간 조사하여 도재시편의 색조, 가시광선 조사시간에 따른 총 190개의

시편을 제작하여 중합직후 시편 상부의 경도를 측정하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

1. 도재는 가시광선의 투과를 저해하며 도재시편의 명도가 감소할 수록 복합레진 중합경도는 감소하였다. (P(0.05 )

2. 가시광선의 조사시간이 증가할 수록 복합fp진의 표면경도는 유의성있게 증가하였다.(P(0.05)

3. 도재시편의 Color를 달리했을 떼 가시광선 중합형 복합레진의 표면경도는 Basic, Yellow, Gray의 순서로 나타났다. (P(0.05 )


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of variable shades of porcelain disc on the curing the composite resin.

Round porcelain disc, 10mm in diameter and 1.0mm in thickness, was processed in 5 different shades ; basic, light basic, dark basic, yellow and gray, and black plastic molds, 7.0mm in inner diameter and 1.0mm in thickness, was prepared.

A mold was placed on tad glass plate and filled with composite resin(hybrid type CHOICE porcelain adhesive paste, shade Al, Bisco Dental Product, Co).

In experimental group, a celluloid strip baa placed over the composite retrain and a porcelain discs were placed on the top. Each specimen wag cured with visible light curing unit 30, 60, 90 and 120 seconds.

In control group, only celluloid strip was placed over the composite resin and cured with visible light curing unit using given 4 different exposure time.

After the visible light exposed, the surface knoop hardness number of each composite ream specimen wag measured of top surface.

Results of this study were as follows. :

1. The porcelain disc was diminished by the degree of the visible light transmission and as the brightness of porcelain disc shaed decreased, the surface hardness of composite resin specimen decreased, (P < 0.05)

2. As the exposure time of the visibly light increased, the surface hardness of the composite robin specimen was increased with statistical significance. (P < 0.05)

3. In 3 different porcelain disc color, the surface hardness of the composite resin specimen decreased in order ; basic, yellow and gray. (P < 0.05)
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