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복합레진 충전술식네 따른 조미료(장류)의 와동변연 색소 침투에 관한 연구

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 (A) study on the colour penetration of Korean foods substance to cavity margin of composite resin restoration 
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저자는 복합레진충전술식에 따른 한국식품(간장, 고추장)에 의한 와동변연 색소 침투에 관한 실험연구를 위해 발거된 20대 남여의 건전한 50개의 제 3대구치를 이용하였으며, 와동을 협설면에 100개의 5급와동을 형성했다. 형성된 와동에 Hi-pol**(R)과 Restodent**(R

)을 제조회사의 지시에 따라 충전을 했다.

충전술식 :

Ⅰ군 : 충전후, 연마.

Ⅱ군 : 충전후, 연마. 와동변연부의 산부식, sealant도포.

Ⅲ군 : 산부식, sealant도포, 충전후, 연마.

Ⅳ군 : 산부식, sealant도포, 충전, 다시 충전변연부의 산부식, sealant도포.

Ⅴ군 : 산부식, sealant도포, 충전, 다시 충전와동변연부 sealant도포.

충전된 치아들은 실험 전에 온도변화 (4°∼ 60℃)를 주었다. 모든 실험치아를 간장, 30% 고추장용액에 담그고 37℃의 배양기에 6주 동안 보관했다.

6주후 실험치아를 협설로 충전물중앙부위를 통과되게 절단하여 반사현미경과 스트레오현미경으로 관찰하여 색소침투정도를 분석하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

1) Ⅰ ∼ Ⅴ의 방법중 Ⅲ의 방법 즉 산부식, sealant도포, 충전, 연마에서 색소침투가 가장 적게 나타났다.

2) 한국인 식품의 간장과 고추장에서 색소침투가 일어났으나, 간장과 고추장의 침투정도는 통계적으로 유의할 만한 차이가 없었다.

3) Hi-rol**(R)과 Rostodent**(R)간의 색소 침투정도는 통계적으로 유의할 만한 차이가 없었다.


The purpose of this study was to valuate the color Penetration of cavity margin with composite resin restorations in some Korean foods substance-soy sauce and hot bean paste.

Fifty sperimans which were extracted caries free third molar of young adults recently. All of the prepared 100 cavities were filled with two kinds of composite resin (Hipol**(R) and Restodent**(R)).

The experimental specimens were divided into ave groups by the following procedures.

Group Ⅰ : Filling of composite resin and polishing.

Group Ⅱ : Filling, Polishing, etching of cavity and sealing.

Group Ⅲ : Etching, sealing, filling and polishing.

Group Ⅳ : Etching, sealing, filling, polishing, and repeated of etching of cavity margin and sealing.

Group Ⅴ : Etching, sealing, filing, polishing, and sealing again without etching.

Before examination, the restorated teeth ware subjected to thermal cycling (4℃ and 60℃).

All the specimens were immersed in soy and 30% hot bean paste solution under 37℃ incubator during six weeks. Then, the specimens were sectioned bucco-lingually through the center of two restorations with diamond disk and examined under a metallographic microscope. (Union 6617 U.S.A.)

Thereafter, the degree of color penetration was calculated and analyzed.

The obtained results were as follows:

1. The color penetration was the fewest in the procedure of Group Ⅲ which was acid etching, sealing, composite rosing filing, and polishing.

2. The color penetration occurred in soy and hot bean paste, but the degree of Penetration was net so significant statisficalI between them.

3. The degree of color penetration was net so significant statistically between Hipol**(R) and Restomdent
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