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 Hysterographic study on the intrauterine device in the uterine cavity 
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The history of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUD) reaches back over several decades. However, IUD was unsatisfactory for contraception until the late 1950's. Since Jack Lippes used a linear polyethylene loop in 1959, various good results have been reported by the use of other IUDs. The new plastic IUDs have been used widely over the world but it is not clear as to the mechanism of contraception or of the side effects.

The study of hysterographic examination with IUD has been undertaken to observe the position of IUDs (Lippes loop) in the uterine cavity and some relationships between the position and the side effects (symptoms).

Eighty cases of IUD wearers were selected randomly in the family Planning Clinic of Severance Hospital and hysterographic examination was performed with 10% hypaque solution. The elasticities and compositions of fresh loops as controls and of long used loops removed after hysterography as study material were analyzed National Institute of Health.

The results were as follows:

1. IUDs with normal position were found in 65 cases and with abnormal position 15 cases in hysterography. Among the IUDs with abnormal position, distortion of its, shape appeared most frequently. The symptoms seemed to occur more frequently in abnormal positions than in normal positions.

2. The weight of the loop was not changed by the duration of wearing and the ratio between barium sulfate and polyethylene content remained constant. In general, the heavier loops were the more elastic. There was no correlation between the duration of wearing and the elasticity of the IUD. Further study is needed to

prove conclusively whether malposition of the IUD cases side effects or not.
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