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 (A) clinical study on toxemia of pregnancy 
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[영문] This study was undertaken for clinical evaluation on the women with toxemia of pregnancy who was admitted to Yonsei University Medical Center from April, 1966 to December, 1970. By evaluating 583 cases of toxemia of pregnancy among total 8253 deliveries, following results were obtained. 1. The incidence of toxemia was 7.06% 2. According to the classification of American Committee on Maternal welfare, the incidence of toxemia were as follows; Mild pre-eclampsia : 33.9% Severe pre-eclampsia : 43.8% Eclampsia : 17.5% Chronic hypertensive vascular disease with superimposed acute toxemia : 3.9% Chronic hypertensive vascular disease without acute toxemia : 0.5% unclassified : 0.4% 3. Age distribution of toxemia was highest among 25-29 years range(42.5%). 4. 48.2% of toxemia was primipara and 51.8% of toxemia was multipara. 5. The numbers of toxemia were most spring time(28.66%), but no definits significance on seasonal variation. 6. The distribution between clinic xases and private cases was higher in clinic cases(71.5%). 7. Among the associated disease with toxemia of pregnancy were 28 cases(4.8%), and abruptio placentae were 23 cases(3.9%). Other diseases were essential hypertension, polyhydramnios and diabetes mellitus. 8. The total numbers of deliveries were increased yearly, but there was no remarkable change on rate of antenatal visit. There was a tendency of decrease on incidence of toxemia of pregnancy yearly. 9. The symptoms of toxemia of pregnancy disappeared on postpartum third day, in order of edema, hypertension, and proteinuria on each toxemic groups. 10. Perinatal mortality rate of toxemia was 121/1,000 live birth and it was very high value contrast to overall perinatal mortality rate(36.4/1,000 live births).
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