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V급 와동 변연부 형태 및 복합 레진 종류에 따른 변연 누출에 관한 실험적 연구

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 (An) experimental study on the effects of the margin designs and composite resins on the marginal leakage of class V resin restorations 
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저자는 와동의 변연부 형태 및 복합레진의 종류에 따른 누출을 관찰하기 위하여 발거된 전치 38개와 소구치 71개에 변연부 형태가 90° butt joint, 45° bevel joint, 그리고 concave형태를 가진 Ⅴ급 와동을 60개씩 형성하여 butt, bevel, concave군으로 나누고, 각군을 Heliosit** 와 Hi-Pol** , Palfique** 복합 레진으로 각각 20개씩 충전하였다.

4℃와 37℃, 60℃에서 50회 온도 변화를 시행하여 인위적으로 변연 누출을 일으키고, 0.5% methylene blue 용액에 24시간 담근 후, 협설로 치아를 절단하여 현미경으로 색소 침투 정도를 관찰하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

1. 변연부 형태에 따른 변연 누출의 정도는 bevel군이 가장 적었지만, 통계학적인 유의성은 없었다.

2. 복합레진 중에서는 Hi-Pol** 군이 변연 누출이 심했으나, 통계학적인 유의성은 없었다.

3. 변연부 형태와 복합레진이 bevel과 Heliosit** 인 경우에 변연 누출이 가장 적었지만, 통계학적인 유의성은 없었다.


The primary aim of this study was to assess the effects of the margin designs and composite resins on the marginal leakage of Class Ⅴ resin restorations.60 Class Ⅴ cavities with 90° butt joint, 60 with 45° bevel joint, and 60 with concave joint were prepared on the labial surfaces of 38 extracted anterior teeth and the buccal and lingual surfaces of 71 premolars, and classified as the butt group, bevel group and concave group, respectively. After completion of the cavity preparation,

Heliosit** was filed in 20 butt joint cavities,20 bevel joint cavities, and 20 concave cavities. And Hi-Pol** and Palfique** were filed in the same manner, respectively.

After finishing, all specimens were subjected manually to 50 thermal cycles at 4℃, 37℃, and 60℃. They were immersed in 0.5% methylene blue solution for 24 hours, and buccolingually sectioned with sectioning machine. The sectioned specimens were examined under the light microscope.

The results indicated the following:

1. The level group showed the least amount of marginal leakage compared with the other two design groups, but the statistical analysis showed no significant difference at the 95% confidence level.

2. Hi-Pol** group skewed the most severe marginal leakage compared with the other composite resin materials, but there was no significant difference in the groups.

3. The bevel-Heliosit** subgroup, which was filled with Heliosit** in the beveled cavities, showed the least amount of marginal leakage, but there was no significance in all the subgroups.
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