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수종의 Bracket (DBS)제거방법에 따른 법랑질 표면에 대한 주사전자현미경적 연구

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 Enamel surface evaluation on various removal technique of bracket (DBS) : A study with the scanning electron microscopy 
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[한글] 산 부식 술식이 개선되고 아크릴릭 레진의 물리적 기계적 성질이 증가됨에 따라 부착물 제거와 법랑질 표면의 처리가 중요한 임상적 문제로 대두되고 있다. 이에 저자는 선각들이 권장해온 방법들을 중심으로 브라켓과 잔여레진을 제거하고 법랑질 표면을 회복시켜 각각의 기구와 술식을 평가하였다. 본 연구는 교정치료를 위해 발치할 예정인 52개의 소구치를 선정하여 4개의 치아를 대조군 48개의 치아를 실험군으로 하여 실험군 치아에 Super-C ortho로 브랏켓을 부착시키고 1주일 후 브라켓을 제거하고 잔여레진을 hand scaler, green stone, green rubber whe el, sandpaper disc, tungsten carbide bur, Sof-lex disc로 제거한 후 실험군 치아의 반은 최종 연마를 하였다. 치아를 발거하여 50% ethanol에 보관한 후 주사전자현미경으로 법랑질 표면을 평가하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 잔여레진 제거에 있어서 Sof-lex disc가 가장 만족할만한 결과를 얻었다. 2. 찰흔(scratches) 형성이 많은 순은 hand scaler, green stone, tungsten carbide bur, sandpaper disc, green rubber wheel, Sof-lex disc였다. 3. 고랑(grooves) 형성이 많은 순은 green stone, tungsten carbide bur였으며 나머지 방법은 고랑형성이 없었다. 4. 최종연마(final pumicing)는 잔여레진 제거와 법랑질 표면 회복에 효과적이었다.
[영문] With modification of the acid etch technique and improvements of the physical and mechanical properties of the acrylic resin, the removal of directly bonded attachments and the finishing of the underlying enamel have become an acute clinical problem. This study was to evaluation the efficacy of recently introduced instrumentation and techniques to remove bonded brackets and residual resin, and restore the affected enamel surface to an acceptable clinical condition. Forty-eight premolar which were scheduled for extraction for orthodonic purposes were bonded with brackets using super-C ortho. Four additional premolars with untreated surfaces were used as controls. After one weak the brackets were removed and the residual resin removed by hand scaler, green stone, green rubber wheel, sandpaper disc, tungsten carbide bur, sof-lex disc. Half the experimental teeth were given a final pumicing and then all were extracted and stored in 50 percent ethanol. The scanning electron microscopy was used to evaluate the enamel surface. Following results were obtained; 1. A satisfactory result was obtained by means of the Sof-lex disc. 2. The order of the scratch formation was the procedure using hand scaler, green stone, tungsten carbide bur, sandpaper disc, green rubber wheel, and Sof-lex disc. 3. The procedures using green stone and tungsten carbide bur showed many groove formations and the other procedures showed none. 4. Final pumicing serves effectively to remove residual adhesive and restore the enamel surface.
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