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원발성간암, 각종 간질환 및 타장기 악성종양환자의 혈청 Alpha₁-Fetoprotein에 관한 연구

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 (The) study on the serum alpha₁-fetoprotein in the patients with hepatoma, various liver diseases and other maliganancies 
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[영문] A survey using Micro-Ouchterlonly double immunodiffusion technique for the detection of aloha^^1 - fetoprotein(AFP) in 115 adults including 15 cases of hepatoma, 38 cases of various liver diseases, 22 cases of other malignancies and 40 cases of healthy persons revealed the following results. 1. Serum AFP was positive in 9 out of 15 patients with hepatoma(60%). 2. Among the 15 patients with hepatoma, the disgnosis was confirmed with biopsy-confirmed cases (66.7%), and in 5 out of 9 clinically diagnosed cases (55.6%), the serum AFP was positive. 3. In all of 38 cases of various liver disease including cirrhosis, hepatitis and abscess, 22cases of other malignancies and 40 cases of healthy persons, the serum AFP was negative. 4. There were no definite corelation between laboratory or clinical features and presence or abscence of the serum AFP in patients with hepatoma.
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