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파노라마 방사선 사진에 있어서 상층면적에 관한 연구

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 (The) study of the focal trough in panoramic radiograph 
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저자는 파노라마방사선사진의 상층면적을 연구함에 있어서 모리다회사제 Panex-EC를 사용하여 6∼19개의 놋쇠 핀을 꽃은 플라스틱 모형판을 촬영한 48장의 방사선사진상을 4명의 관찰자에게 판독을 의뢰한 후 그 결과를 분석하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

1. 가장 높은 선명도에 의해 이루어진 상층면적은 전방부위에서 연속되는 상을 나타내지 않았다.

2. 선명도가 어느정도 감소한 상태에서 이루어진 상층면적은 양측으로 연속되어 이루었으며 특히 후방부위에서 폭이 증가하였다.

3. 선명도가 감소할수록 상확대율범위는 증가하였으며 특히 수직확대율범위의 증가보다 수평확대율범위의 증가가 보다 컸다.


In the study of the focal trough of panoramic radiograph, using the Moritta compony Panex-EC a series of 48 exposures were taken with the 6∼18 brass pins placed in the holes of the plastic model plate, then eveluated by 4 obsenrers. The author analyzed the focal trough defined by the sharpness criteria and calcuated

the vertical and horizontal magnification range in the corrected focal trough.

The results were as .follows;

1. Continuous focal trough was not defined in the anterior region using a very high degree of sharpness.

2. As degree of sharpness used in the analysis became less, focal trough was continuous in the anterior and posterior regions, symmetrized bilaterally, and the widths of the focal trough increased more in the posterior region.

3. As sharpness criteria were reduced, the percentage range of image magnification increased on both vertical and horizontal magnification, and especially the percentage range of horizontal magnification was greater than that of vertical magnification.
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