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Polyglactin 910(Vicryl R) mesh가 성견 치주조직 치유에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구

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 (The) effect of Polyglactin 910(Vicryl R) mesh on periodontal tissue regeneration in dogs 
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[한글] 치주치료후 조직의 재생및 상피이동 억제에 있어서 Polyglaction 910(Vicry**R) mesh의 효과를 알아보기 위하여 성견의 소구치 및 대구치에 실험적으로 치주염을 야기시킨 후, 치은판막술만을 시행한 것을 대조군으로, 치은판막술과 Polyglaction 910 mesh를 사용한 것을 실험군으로 나누어 실험한 후, 1주, 2주, 3주, 4주, 8주, 16주의 조직표븐을 제작하여 치주조직 치유과정을 광학현미경으로 관찰한 결과, 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 염증세포의 침윤은 대조군과 실험군에서 공히 1, 2주때 심했으며, 4주 이후 급격히 감소되는 양상을 보였다. 2. Polyglaction 910 mesh는 4주에 흡수가 시작되어 8주에는 치근하부 및 골 위에만 일부 존재하며 16주에는 완전히 흡수되어 관찰되지 않았다. 3. 상피의 근단이동은, 대조군에서는 3주째 notch 상방부까지 상피가 이동되고 8주엔 notch의 기저부까지 완전히 도달되나, 실험군에서는 전 기간동안 상피의 근단이동이 억제되었다. 4. 신부착의 형성에 있어, 대조군에서는 8주소견에서 notch의 기저부까지 완전히 상피가 근단이동하여 신생백악질의 형성이 관찰되지 않았으나, 실험군에서는 4주부터 신생 백악질이 알게 형성되고 8주째 더 두꺼워졌으며, 16주 소견에서는 notch의 거의 전부에 신생백악질이 형성되었으며, 그 위로는 새로이 형성된 결합조직 섬유가 수직으로 매입하고 있는 양상을 보이고, 접합상피 직하방까지 신생 백악질이 형성되는 양상이 관찰되었다. 5. 신생골의 형성은 대조군에서는 관찰되지 않았으나, 실험군의 16주 소견에서 notch의 기저부 위로 신생골이 형성된 양상이 관찰되었다.
[영문] The purpose this study was to evaluate the effctiveness of Polyglactin 910(Vicryl**R) mesh in excluding gingival connective tissue and epithelium, and guiding new connective tissue atachment in periodontal wound healing in dogs. For this study, maxillary premolrs and molars of six adult dogs were used. After inducing experimental periodontitis in these teeth, control groups were treated by flap operation only, and experimental groups were treated by flap operation and covered by Polyglactin 910(Vircy**R) mesh. At 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 16 week, the healing process of periodontal tissue was evaluated by light microscope. The obtained results were as follows. 1. Inflammatory cell infiltration was severe at the 1st and 2nd week but it reduced at the 4th week both in the control and the experimental group. 2. Resorption of the Polyglactin 910(Vicryl**R) mesh started from the 4th week. At the 8th week, it remained only at the apex of the root and on the bone, and at the 16th week, it was completely resorbed. 3. In the control group, the epithelial migration reached to the coronal portion of the notch at the 3rd week and reached to the apical portion of the notch at the 8th week. In the experimental group, the apical migration of epithelium was not observed at any time. 4. New cementum formation on the root was not seen in the control group, because of the complete migration of the epithelium to the level of the apical portion of the reference notch at the 8th week. In the experimental group, thin layer of the new cementum formation was observed at the 4th week, and it was thickened at the 8th week. At the 16th week, most portion of the notch was filled by new cementum and into there newly formed connective tissue fibers were perpendicularly inserted and new cementum was formed to the level of the juctional epithelium. 5. The new bone formation was not observed in the control group. In the experimental group, new bone formation from the apical portion of the defects was seen at the 16th week.
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