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Guinea Pig에 있어서 안면 및 악골의 성장에 관한 실험적 연구

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 (An) experimental study on growth of the face and jaws in guinea pigs 
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[한글]두개골의 성장과정에서 봉합부의 성장은 주위골 성장이나 연부조직의 영향을 받아서 두골사이에 있는 봉합성 결합조직의 증식으로 신생골이 첨가되어 지는 것이고, 비중격의 역할은 비상악 복합체의 일차전위에 관여하며, 안면 및 악골의 성장에 중요한 부위로 알려져 있다. 저자는 이에 관련하여 성장중인 Guinea pig에서 전두비골봉합을 절제한 예와 비중격을 제거한 예에서 안면 및 악골의 성장관계를 관찰하기 위하여 생후 25일된 체중250gmn내외의 Guinea Pig 32두를 사용하여 일측전두비골봉합의 절제군에 8두, 양측전두비골봉합의 절제군에 8두, 비중격의 제거군에 8두, 그리고 정상군에 8두씩 각각 배당하였다. 전두비골봉합의 절제군은 Dental Bur를 사용하여 전두골과 비골의 절제량이 같도록 일측전두비골봉합과 양측전두비골봉합을 각각 8두씩 절제하였다. 각군의 봉합절제 및 비중격제거 수술후 생존기간은 5개월로 하였으며. 동물을 희생시킨후 10% Formalin에 7일간 고정시킨 후 potassium hydroxide 용액에 끓여서 깨끗이 한 후 건조두개골을 얻어 관찰하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다. 1. 일측전두비골봉합을 절제한 군에서는 비골이 단소하였고 전악골, 상악골 및 하악골의 성장에는 아무런 영향을 주지 않았다. 2. 양측전두비골봉합을 절제한 군에서는 일측전두비골봉합을 절제한 군과 마찬가지로 비골이 단소하였고 상안면부의 성장에는 아무런 영향을 주지 않았다. 3. 비중격을 제거한 군에서는 상안면부가 단소하였고 비강과 비공은 작으며 전악골과 상악골은 단소하였다. 상안면부의 성장부족으로 상악절치는 하악절치의 설측과 교합 (반대교합)하고 비골은 전하방으로 경사하였다.
[영문]Thirty two growing guinea pigs, 25 days of age and weighing approximately 250 grams were used. The animals were divided into four groups ; group of animals with unilateral extirpation of frontonasal suture, group of animals with bilateral extirpation of frontonasal suture , group of animals with resection of nasal septum, and group for normal animals. A dental bur, mounted in a handpiece, was used to extirpate the frontonasal suture either unilaterally in 8 animals or bilaterally in 8 animals. The extirpation channel was cut equally out of the frontal and nasal bones. In the group of animals for resection of nasal septum, transverse incision was made through the mucosa between the upper incisors and the lip. The tissues ware elevated from the premaxilla ,entrance was gained into the nasal cavity and nasal septum was resected by means of a grasping forceps. The postoperative survival was five months. The animals were killed by means of ether. Immediately after death, the head was separated from trunk. The heads were then fixed in 10% Formalin far 7 days and cleaned by boiling in a solution of potassium hydroxide. The purpose of this study was to undertaken the growth of the face and jaws after extirpation of frontonasal suture and resection of nasal septum in growing guinea pigs. The results were as follows; 1. In the group of animals with unilateral extirpation of the frontonasal suture, the nasal bones were shorter than that of the control. The growth of the upper facial region, on the other hand, was not affected by unilateral extirpation of the frontonasal suture. 2. Findings of animals with bilateral extirpation of the frontonasal suture were similar to group of animals with unilateral extirpation. 3. In the group of animals with resection of the nasal septum, the upper facial region was shorter and smaller with a severe relative mandibular prognathism. The nasal cavity and piriform aperture were smaller than in the normal animals. The premaxilla and maxilla were smaller. As a result of the shorter upper facial region the upper incisors were lingual to the lower incisors. This was the reverse of the normal findings. A marked downward and forward deflection of the nasal bones was noted.
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