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한국인의 요추에 대한 형태학적 연구

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 (A) morphological study of Korean lumbar vertebrae 
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[한글]한국 성인의 요추 50예에서 계측과 형태학적 변이를 조사하였다. 계측은 요추의 전후경과 횡경, 추체상면의 전후경과 횡경 및 전면에서의 높이, 추공의 전후경과 횡경 관절면의 최대길이 및 최소길이와 극돌기의 상면길이 및 하면길이를 계측기(Calipers)로 측정하였다. 1. 요추공의 전후경은 14.7 내지 15.1㎜였고 횡경은 20.8 내지 25.4㎜였다. 2. 횡돌기의 발육부전은 제1요추에서 12%가 발견되었고 횡돌기의 불균형은 제1요추에서 10%가 발견되었다. 3. 양측성 추궁 분리가 제5요추에서 2례 관찰되었다. 4. 척추융합은 골증식체로 인하여 제1, 제2요추 사이에서 8%가 관찰되었다. 5. 추공의 형태는 삼각난원형이 제1 및 제2 요추에서 70%가 관찰되었고 제3요추와 제4요추에서는 삼각형이 74%였고, 제5요추에서는 삼엽형이 54%였다.
[영문]A morphological study of 50 Korean lumbar vertebral colums including measuring of dimensions was done, and reviewed articles of morphological study of lumbar spine, which were compared to races. In this study, the all vertebrae were obtained 50 cadavers which were 38 males and 12 females. And earth lumbar vertebrae were measured all dimensions with sliding calipers. The anteroposterior diameter of the lumbar vertebral foramen was 14.7 to 15.1 mm and the transverse diameter was 20.8 to 25.4 mm. Underdevelopment of the transverse processes were found in 12% first lumbar vertebrae, and asymmetrical transverse processes were found in 10% first lumbar vertebrae. Bilateral isthmic defects were found in 2 cases (4%) of the fifth lumbar vertebrae. Spinal fusions were noted in 8% of the specimens between the first and second lumbar vertebrae with osteophytes. The lumbar spinal canals were narrower than the Caucasion and the type of the spinal canal was triangulo-oval in the first and second vertebrae about 70%, triangular in third and fourth vertebrae abort 74% and trefoil in fifth lumbar vertebrae about 54%. The spinal fusion was found most commonly between the first and second lumbar vertebrae with osteophytes.
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