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위유문동 및 십이지장의 운동에 미치는 ethanol의 영향

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 Effects of ethanol on the motility of isolated strips of antrum and duodenum of the rabbit 
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[한글]위장운동은 신경성, 홀몬성 및 근인성(筋因性) 지배를 받으며 그 상호작용에 의해 자발운동이 나타난다. 그 외에도 여러 가지 약물에 의해 위장운동이 영향을 받을 수가 있다. Ethanol이 위장운동에 대해 미치는 작용은 부위에 따라 다르고 지금까지 보고된 실험성적도 각각 차이가 있으며 그 기전도 정확히 알려져 있지 않다. 본 실험에서는 체중 약 2kg 내외의 토끼를 사용하여 동물실 환경에 적응시키고 실험전 72시간 굻긴후 위 및 소장을 척출하고 위유문동과 십이지장을 각각 0.5 × 2.Ocm 크기의 절편을 만들어 37℃로 보온된 Tyrode액이 든 이중벽 muscle chamber에 고정하고 산소를 공급하면서 각 약물을 투여하여 나타나는 수축반응을 force displacement transducer를 통해 Polygraph에 기록 및 관찰하였다. 실험결과를 요약하면 다음과 같다. 1. 위유문동 및 십이지장절편은 Tyrode액에 적응하면서 일정한 자발운동을 나타냈다. 2. 위유문동 및 십이지장절편은 ethanol의 농도에 비례하여 수축진폭 및 빈도의 감소를 나타냈고 긴장도는 위유문동절편에서는 6예에서 감소, 4예에서 증가, 1예에서는 변화가 없었고 십이지장절편에서는 11예에서는 감소하였고 1예에서는 증가하였다. 3. Ethanol에 의해 긴장도가 증가한 위유문동절편은atropine과 chlorpheniramine의 동시투여, 혹은 atropine과 cimetidine의 동시투여에 의해서만 긴장도의 증가가 억제될 뿐 교감신경성, 부교감신경성 및 histamine 수용체 봉쇄제의 단독투여로는 억제되지 않았다. 4. Ethanol에 의해 긴장도가 감소한 위유문동절편은 교감신경성 α 및 β, 무스카린성, histamine H^^1 및 H^^2 수용체 봉쇄제의 단독, 혹은 병용 전처치로 전혀 봉쇄되지 않았다. 5. 십이지장절편에서는 이완작용을 나타낸 위유문동절편에서와 마찬가지로 각종 수용체 봉쇄제의 단독, 혹은 병용 전처치로 ethanol의 작용이 봉쇄되지 않았다. 이상의 실험결과로 미루어 ethanol은 십이지장에서는 장운동의 억제를 나타내고 위유문동에서는 억제 및 흥분의 두가지 반응을 나타내며 억제반응은 위장평활근에 대한 직접작용이라 생각되고 흥분반응은 histaamine 및 acetylcholine이 개재되는 간접작용이라 생각된다.
[영문]Alcohol beverages have been used since the dawn of history and the pharmacology of alcohol has been studied extensively and the question whether alcohol is a stimulant has long been debated. Now there seems little doubt that alcohol is a primary and continuous depressant of the CNS, and the general pharmacologic action of alcohol on the body is one of depression. The effects of various concentrations and types of alcoholic beverages on the gastrointestinal motor and secretory functions are influenced by a number of factors such as the state of the digestive processes, the presence or absence of gastrointestinal diseases, the amount and type of food present, the degree of tolerance for alcohol, accompanying psychological factors, and so forth. And it is generally accepted that gastric secretion is stimulated by the ethanol, but effects of ethanol on the motility of gastrointestinal tract was not clarified yet. Hence the present study was undertaken to investigate the effects of ehtanol on the gastrointestinal motility. The rabbits of either sex, weighting about 2Kg, were killed by air embolism after 72 hours deprevation of food except water. The stomach and duodenum were isolated and cut into two parts, i.e. antrum and duodenum. Each strip of antrum and duodenum, sized 0.5 × 2.0 cm, was placed in temperature controlled muscle chamber (37℃) containing Tyrode's solution and its contractile movement was recorded on Grass Polygraph (Model 7) via force displacement transducer (FT. 03). The results are summarized as follows : 1. The strips of gastric antrum and duodenum showed spontaneous regular movement through the experimental period. Administration of ethanol from 0.1 to 1.0 % inhibited the amplitude and frequency of both strips with dose-dependent manner. Most stripes of the duodenum and 6 stripes of the antrum showed relaxations of tone by ethanol and 4 strips of the antrum showed increased tone. 2. Tonic contraction of antral strips by ethanol was abolished only by the combined pretreatment of atropine and chlorpheniramine, or atropine and cimetidine, net by the phentolamine, propranolol, atropine, hexamethonium, chlorpheniramine or cimetidine alone. 3. Inhibition of antral and duodenal motility by ethanol was not abolished by the any one of the receptor blocking agents such as adrenergic alpha and beta, muscarinic, or histaminergic H-1 and H-2 receptor blocking agents. By the above results, it may he concluded that ethanol inhibits the motility of duodenum, but excites or inhibits the motility of gastric antrum, and it is alike that inhibitory effect of ethanol is its direct action on the smoo th muscle and excitatory effect is mediated by the mechanism related with histamine and acetylcholine.
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