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양수의 단백함량 및 단백분획에 대한 검사

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 Total protein and disc electrophoresis of amniotic fluid 
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[영문]The amniotic fluid performs several important mechanical functions. It acts as protective cushion, equalizes pressure and prevents adherence of the amnion thus allowing for changes in fetal position. But immunological and biochemical functions of the amniotic fluid are obscure at the present time. Amniotic fluid consists of 98-99% water and 1-2% solids. About one half the solids are organic and about one half the organic solids are proteins. The paper electrophoretic patterns of amniotic fluid protein, which was separated into 5 major bands, were similar to that of maternal serum. Recent developments of electrophoresis technique permit more detailed analysis to be made. Fischbacher (1970) reported that the resolution of the proteins in human amniotic fluid into 21 bands by disc electrophoresis was considerably more than the 4 or 5 previously obtained by paper or cellulose acetate electrophoresis. The present study was undertaken to compare the relative distribution if protein fractions in amniotic fluid, taken during the final stage of delivery, with the relative distribution in the corresponding cord and maternal serum obtained immediately after birth. The results obtained are summarized as follows ; 1. The total amount of protein in the amniotic fluid is 26.4±32.9 mg/dl, compared with 7.5±0.2 g/dl in the maternal serum and 6.8±0.2 g/dl in the umbilical cord serum. 2. By means of disc electrophoresis, the protein of the amniotic fluid were separated into 14 fractions which were less than that of the serum. Albumin and beta-globulin were main fractions in the amniotic fluid, but the relative ratio of gamma globulin content was slighty lower than that of maternal serum. 3. The antigenicity of the protein of the amniotic fluid was entirely the same as both maternal and cord serum according to double diffusion in agar gel.
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