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유견 영구치의 근단형성에 관한 실험적 연구

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 Experimental studies of apical root formation of permanent teeth in dogs 
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[한글]치근 미성슥 무수 영구치의 감염근관 치료시 경조직으로 개방근단의 폐쇄를 유도하는 근단형성술이 연구되어왔으나 치근단 폐쇄 유도의 기전도 분명치 않으며, 사용 약제간의 우월성에 대한 논란이있고 표준화된 연구방법이 고안되지 않고있다. 이에 저자는 평균 체중 약 11.2 Kg인 생후 약 6개월된 건강한 잡종유겸 11마리에서 얻은 총 97개의 감염 근관을 수산화칼슘-CMCP 연고를 대조군으로하여, Vitapex, Apatite Root Sealer type Ⅱ (이하A.R.S.로 표기)로 치료하고 30일. 90일, 180일이 경과한 후 치근단주위조직의 치유상태 , 근단공의 폐좨양식및 경조직 형성에 관한 병리 조직소견에서 다음의 결론을 얻었다. 1. 종함 평가에서 대조군은 우수 70 %, 양호 20 %, 불량 10 %였고, Vitapex군 은 우수 74%, 양호 20%,불량 6% 였으며, A.R,S.군은 우수 36%, 양호 45%, 블량 19 % 였다. 2.근단폐쇄 상태는 대조군은 완전폐쇄와 불완전폐쇄가 80 %였고, Vitapex군은 91%, A.R.S.군은 73 % 였다. 3. 근단폐쇄 경조직의 형태는 모든 군에서 근단부폐쇄형이 평균 52%로 가장 많았고, 대조군은 실험군에 비하여 근관외폐쇄형이 많았으며, 치근발육형은 관찰되지않았다. 4. 방사선사진상 적절한 근관충전시 실험군의 종합 평가는 우수와 양호가 많았고 블량이없었다. 이상을 종합하면 치근 미성숙 영구치의 감염근관 치료시는 수산화칼슘-CMCP 연보다 Vitapex가 우수하였고, A.R.S,는 종합평가 불량이 많았으며 계속적인 관찰이 필요하겠다.
[영문]The purpose of this study is to investigate the differences of root formation by using differnt three materials histopathologically. 11 beagle dogs about 6 months old and 11.2 Kg by mean weight were used for root canal filling, a total of 94 root canals from 54 mandibular premolars with immature roots. Pulp tissues were extirpated and root canals were left open for 2 weeks before debrldement, and filled with Ca(OH)2-CMCP paste for control group and vitapex A.S.R.(Apatite Root Sealer type Ⅱ)for experimental groups. the teeth were then observed for the healing of periapical tissues, tapes of epical closure and hard tissue formation at 30, 70, 180 days after the treatment histopathologically. The results were a8 follows : 1. In flnal evaluation, It revealed 70% as good, 20% as fair and 10% as poor In control group, 74% as good, 20% as fair and 6% as poor in Vitapex group, and 36% as good, 45% as fair and 19% as poor in A.S.R. group. 2. In the status of apical closure, 80% of the control group, 91% of the Vitapex group and 13% of the A.R.S. group were observed for Complete and incomplete spical closure. 3. Of the 5 typeg of apical closure, cloaure at apical foramen type was most common (mean 52%) In all groups. And extracanal closure types were more common In control group compaired with experimental grouts. Root growth types were not observed. 4. In X-ray evaluations , proper canal filling cased were more evaluated as good and fair , and poor cases were not observed In experimental groups. In the treatment of immature permanent teeth with infected root canals. Vitapex produced better results than Ca(7H)2-C77P paste. Cases evaluated as poor for A.R.S. were more common and so moer longer period observation is needed.
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