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51Cr을 이용한 위배출시간에 관한 연구

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 Measurement of gastric emptying rate using radioactive chromium (51Cr) 
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[영문]The present study describes an isotope method measuring the emptying rate of the stomach. A test meal of ordinary food is mixed with radioactive chromium(51Cr) and the rate at which it leaves the stomach is measured by means of scanning technique. The rays emitted by 51Cr is detected by an automatic color scintiscanner at 30-min, intervals. It is thought that gastric emptying is a process in which the volume of the meal remaining in the stomach declines exponentially as time passes. The rate of emptying therefore can be expressed as the half-life(T 1/2) of the meal in the stomach. In this study the half-life is calculated by the method of least squares, and this value is used as an index of the emptying rate. The mean of gastric emptying time(T 1/2) in normal Korean is 72.8±20.6 min, with the range varying from 38.6 to 115.9 min., and in patients with sensation of severe gastric stasis the mean is 61.2±16.9 min, with the range varying from 42.2 to 92.8 min., and in patients with gastric ulcer the mean is 36.4 minutes.
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