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백서의 임의형 피부판에 Prostaglandin이 작용하는 시간에 관한 연구

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 (The) experimental study on the effect of prostaglandin administrated time for skin flaps survival 
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[한글]피부판의 생존은 성형외과 영역에서 중요한 문제이며, 피부판의 생존증대를 위해서 지금까지 임상 및 실험적으로 수많은 연구가 지속되어 왔다. 이러한 연구의 한 결과로 최근 피부판 작성시 물리적인 자극에 의해 prostaglandin이 유리되고 prostaglandin E^^2 가 혈관확장을 유발하여 피부판 생존율을 높인다고 보고되어 왔다. 이에 본 실험에서는 임의형 피부판에 prostaglandin E^^2 와 가장 강력한 prostaglandin억제제로 알려진 flurbiprofen을 사용하여 피부판에 미치는 상호 작용시간의 관계를 알아 보고자 실험을 통하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 수술직전 prostaglandin E^^2 를 투여한 제Ⅰ군의 평균생존율이 72.4%, 수술직후 투여한 제Ⅱ군의 평균생존율이 74.88%로 대조군의 66.38%에 비해 높은 생존율을 보였으며, 수술후 투여가 수술전 투여보다 생존율이 약간 높았다. 2. Flurbiprofen을 전처치하여 Prostaglandin의 합성을 막고, 수술직전 prostaglandin E^^2 를 투여한 제Ⅳ군에서는 평균생존율이 60.56%로 대조군에 비하여 생존율이 감소되었으나, flurbiprofen 단독처치군에 비해서는 높았다. 3. Flurbiprofen을 전처치하고 prostaglandin E^^2를 수술직후 투여한 제Ⅴ군에서 평균생존율이 77.25%로 괄목할만한 증대를 보였다. 결론적으로 prostaglandin E^^2 의 수술직후 투여가 수술전 투여보다는 피부판 생존율이 높은 것을 알 수 있었다.
[영문]The survival of skin flap is an important aspect of plastic surgery and to increase the survival rate of the skin flap transplanted, many clinical and experimental researches have been carried out continuously upto this date. As a result of those researches it was recently found that in the process of preparation for the skin flaps prostaglandin is synthesied and released by some physical stimulus, which in turn contributes to dilating the blood vessels and increasing the survival rate of the skin flap finally. In this experiment the random skin flap pattern with PGE^^2 and flurbiprofen, the most potent PG inhibitor known, were used and the effects of these two substances were relatively compared on the basis of reaction time. The following results were obtained. 1. In Group Ⅰ, PG E^^2 was administered preoperatively and the survival rate of the skin flap was shorn to be 72.4%, in Group Ⅱ, the average survival rate of 74.88% was obtained with PG E^^2 given immediately after the operation. These two values showed significantly higher survival rate compared to that of the control group which yielded 66.38%, the group with PG E^^2 given postoperatively showed slightly bettor survival rate than the group administered preoperatively. 2. In Group Ⅳ, flurbiprofen was given first preoperatively to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, followed by PG E^^2 administration just before performing the operation. This group resulted in the average survival rate of 60.56% showing signicantly lower survival rate than the control group, but nevertheless, definitely higher rate than the group treated by flurbiprofen alone. 3. In Group Ⅴ, flurbiprofen was given preoperatively with PG E^^2 administered immediately after the operation and the average survival rate of the flap was 77.25% showing a remarkable increase. In conclusion PG E^^2 administered immediately after the skin flap transplantation gamins better survival rate than the ones with preoperative PG E^^2.
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