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S 여대생의 구강보건 실태조사

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 (A) study on the dental health status of a college girl students 
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[한글]저자는 서울시내에 소재한 S여대에 재학중일 전교생 1,414명을 대상으로 DMF 이환률 및 회복물에 대해 조사하여, 동일 기준과 방법에 의한 10년전의 것과 비교하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다.

1. 평균 현존치아수는 28.97±1.64개 이었다.

2. 전체적인 우식 이환률은 84.92% 이었다. DMF index는 15.51이었고 평균 DMFT는 4.49±3.69개 이었다.

3. 평균 우식치수는 2.09±2.16개 이었다. 이것은 원발성 (原發性)이 95.70%, 2차적 우식이 4.30%를 차지하고 있었고 이중 2.44%에 해당하는 치아는 발치의 대상이었다.

4. 평균 결손치아수는 0.32±0.79개 이었고 잔근 상존치는 8.56%에 해당되었다.

5. 평균 충전 치아수는 2.09±3.17개 이었고 그 충전률은 46.45%이었다. 충전 재료별로 보면 아말감 합금이 50.88%, 금 인래이가 31.41%이었고 1%이상 되는 것 중에서는 복합레진 및 규산시멘트가 1.20%로 가장적었다.

6. 10년전의 조사와 비교하여 고찰한 결과 보철물 등의 처치는 감소돼가는 경향을 보인 반면, 보존영역의 충전치료는 증가추세의 현상을 나타냈다.

[영문]The author conducted a dental survey of a college girl students and compared with that of E college students 10 years ago which based on the same criteria. The items of this survey included the prevalence of dental caries, DMFT and the kinds of restored material.

All college students 1,414 were examined in May 1978, with the recommended criteria and method of W.H.0. Among them, the data of 1,393 were analysed for this study.

The following results were obtained :

1. The average number of present teeth were 28.97±1.64.

2. The prevalence of dental caries was 84.92% and D.M.F. index was 15.51. Average D.M.F. teeth were 4.49±3.69.

3. The average number of decayed (D) teeth were 2.09±2.16. 4.30% of the present decayed teeth was secondary decay, and 2.44% of the decayed teeth was indicated for extraction.

4. The average number of missing(M) teeth were 0.32±0.79. It included 8.56% of root fragements.

5. Average number of filled (F) teeth ware 2.09±3.17.

F-ratio of this group was 46.45%. The analysis revealed 50.88% of amalgam alloy, 31.41% of gold inlays, and 1.20%, the least among the filling materials, silicate cement or composite resin.

6. While the prosthodontic treatment, such as crown and bridge has reduced than that of 10 years ago, the fillings and inlays as the conservative means has increased.
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