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 (A) clinical study on maternal deaths and perinatal deaths at the Severance hospital : 9-year survey (February 1959-Feb. 1968) 
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[영문] A review was made of all maternal deaths at Severance Hospital during the 9 year period from 1959 through 1968. There were 5873 live births and 70 total maternal deaths and 335 total perinatal deaths. All deaths, regardless of the cause, in pregnant women at any period of gestation or within 6 weeks of termination of the pregnancy were included in study. All deaths regardless of the cause, in the delivered baby after 28 weeks gestation were included in study. All deaths were classified on the clinical diagnosis except 15 cases in maternal deaths. 51.4 per cent were classified as direct obstetric, 45.7 per cent as indirect, and 2.9 per cent as nonrelated deaths. Maternal mortality per 10,000 live births was 119.2 and perinatal death rate per 1000 live births was 57.
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