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풍경화를 통해 본 정신분열증의 표현병리

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 Expression pathology of the schizophrenics seen in landscape drawing 
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본 연구는 정신분열증 환자의 회화에 나타나는 특징과 그의 정신병리학적 의미를 규명

하여 회화요법의 예비자료로 삼고자 시도하였다.

1979년 3월부터 1982년 9월까지 순천향대학병원 신경정신과에 입원한 정실분열증 환자

91명이 그린 풍경화 91점을 대상으로 정상인 대조군과 비교하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었


1. 정신분열증 환자에서는 대조군에 비해 화면이용도, 완성도 및 세부묘사가 뒤떨어져

서 철퇴(withdrawal)현상을 나타냈고 운동감의 결여, 공간성의 상실, 왜곡, 단색 사용 등

이 많아 현실감의 붕괴를 시사했다.

2. 정신분열증 환자의 풍경화에는 좌우대칭(symmetry)과 비표상적 상동증(non-represen

ting stereotypy)이 많이 발견되었다.

3. 정신분열증 환자의 풍경화에는 태양 혹은 달이 많이 나타났다.

4. 비망상형 정신분열증 환자에 비해 망상형 환자에서는 완성도 및 세부묘사가 좋았다.


An attempt was made to find some characteristics of schizophrenic drawings and

their psychopathological meaning.

The 91 landscape drawings produced by schizophrenic patients who had been

admitted to the Soon Chun Hyang hospital from March 1979 to September 1982 were

evaluated and they were compared with those of the normal control group.

The results were as follows.

1. Compared to control group, the schizophrenic group showed poor apace filling,

poor completion and detailed elaboration which represented withdrawal phenomenon.

Abscence of movement expression, loss of spatial perspectives and use of

monocolor for the drawing were predominant which suggested disruption of reality


2. Compared to control group, the schizophrenic group showed that the appearance

of the symmetry and the non-representing stereotypy was predominant.

3. Compared to control group, the schizophrenic group showed that the appearance

of the sue or moon was frequently noted.

4. Among the schizophrenic group, the paranoid patient showed better completion

and detailed elaboration of the drawing.
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