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구개 개방성창상의 초기치유과정에서의 탄성조직(彈性組織)에 관한 실험적 연구

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 (An) experimental study on the elastic tissues in early intraoral wound healing 
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[한글] 저자는 가토의 구내창상의 치유과정에서의 탄성조직의 출현시기 및 기시부를 알고자, 체중1.5kg 내외의 토끼 12마리를 이용하여 협근을 포함하지 않는 협점막과 골막을 포함하 지 않는 치조점막에 3 x 3mm의 개방성 창상을 형성하여 실험후 1,4,7,10,14,21일째 마다 각 2마리씩 희생하여 협근을 포함하는 협점막과 골막을 포함하는 치조점막을 부분절취하 여 10% formlain용액에 고정하고 paraffin에 포매한 후 5μ 두께로 연속 절단하여 표본제 작한 후 이를 Verhoeff씨 elastic stain하고 광학현미경으로 접경한 결과 다음과 같은 결 론을 얻었다. 1. 가토의 구내 개방성 창상의 치유과정에서 탄성섬유는 4일후 처음 관찰되었다. 2. 가토의 구내 개방성 창상의 전 치유과정에서 탄성섬유의 양이 증가되는 양상을 보였 으나 21일 후 부터는 분절화 되면서 그 양이 감소되는 소견을 보였다. 3. 가토의 구내 개방성 창상의 치유과정에서 탄성섬유들이 혈관주위와 그를 둘러싸는 결합조직, 근육층 밑에서 현저한 농도로 나타나 점차 근육내로 침윤되는 것으로 보아 탄 성섬유의 기시부는 결합조직과 평활근임을 추정할 수 있다.
[영문] This study was undertaken to demonstrate the time of appearance and the site of origin of elastic fibers in early intraoral wound healing stage, using 12 young rabbits weighing 1.5 Kg. were anesthesized with seconal given intravenously, open wound were made on the buccal mucosa to the level of, but not including, the buccinator muscle and on the alveolar mucosa to the level of, but not including, the periosteum. Normal untreated alveolar and buccal mucosa from the contralateral side served as a control. The experimental animals were sacrificed by ether inhalation through every 1,4,7,10,14,21 days postoperatively. And the tissues were exicised the buccal and alveolar mucosa including the muscle layer and periosteum, respectively. Specimens were fixed for 48 hours in 10% formalin solution and embedded in paraffin. Serial sections were cut at a thickness of 5 micron, mounted on glass slides and stained using Verhoeff's elastic stain. In light microscopic examinations, following results were obtained; 1. At four days, elastic fibers were observed in the granulation tissue of both alveolar and buccal mucosa in healing stage of intraoral wound of the rabbits. 2. There was a progressive increase in the amount of elastic fibers through the entire time in healing process, but they showed rater decreased in the concentration with fragmentation after 21 days postoperatively in the healing stage of intraoral wound of the rabbits. 3. Elastic fibers were increased in demonstrable concentrations in the perivascular areas and in surrounding the connective tissue and below the muscle layer, subsequently infiltrating the muscle and then appearing in increased numbers at the base of the granulation tissue. Thus, this facts may suspect that the sites of it's origin were smooth muscle and connective tissue.
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