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흰쥐 악하선 분비관의 계실양 팽대에 관한 연구

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 (A) study on the diverticular enlargement of the rat's submandibular duct 
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[한글] 악하선 배출관의 계실양 팽대부는 Butcher(1972)가 Long-Evans계 및 Wistar계 흰쥐에서 발견한 이래, 다른제외 동물에서는 보고가 없었다. 저자는 악하선 배출관의 계실양 팽대부가 Sprague-Sawley계 흰쥐, 및 생쥐, 토끼에도 존재하는 지의 여부를 관찰하며 또 태생 몇 일부터 출현하는 가를 규명하고자 본 실험을 시도하였다. 10% 포르말린액으로 실험동물을 전신관류한 후 입체현미경 (4배)을 사용하여 악하선을 적출하였다. 적출한 조직을 Zenker씨 고정액에 24시간 후고정한 후 연속 절편을 만들엇다 . 또 태생시의 흰쥐 악하선의 조직분화를 관찰하기 위하여 태생 14일에서 태생 20일까지 의 태아를 Bouin씨 고정액에 24시간 고정하여 두경부의 연속절편을 만들어 관찰한 바 다 음의 결과를 얻었다. 1. Sprague-Dawley계 성숙 흰쥐의 악하선 배출관의 원위부 즉 서하소구에 가까운 부위 에 계실양 팽대부가 출현한다. 2. 계실양 팽대부의 내강면은 다소의 주름이 잡혀있다. 3. 계실양 팽대부는 태생 17일부터 악하선 배출관의 원위부에 형성된다. 4. 계실양 팽대부의 내강면은 위중충원주상피로 덮혀있다. 5. 생쥐 및 집토끼의 악하선 배출관에는 팽대부가 없다.
[영문] As recently as 1972 research on the submandibular duct reservoir was reported by Butcher (1972) using Long-Evans and Wistar rats. The occurrence of the submandibular duct reservoir in other species of rodents has not been determined. The author has attempted to observe the occurrence of the submandibular duct reservoir in adult albino rats of the Sprague-Dawley strain as well as in mice and rabbits and to observe the morphodofferentiation of the submandibular gland, especially the submandibular duct reservoir in the rats. The whole submandibular and sublingual ducts associated with the glands and the sublingual caruncle ware carefully excised under a stereomicroscope after perfusing the animal with 10% formalin solution. The submandibular and sublingual complexes were, in toto, post-fixed in Zenker's solution for 24 hours and sectioned serially. To observe the prenatal phase of the morphogenesis of the submandibular gland, serial sections of the head and neck at daily intervals from 14 days to 20 days in utero, were all fixed using Bouim's solution. The results have shown that in the serial sections of the glandular complexes of the adult rats, a diverticular enlargement of the submandibular duct near the sublingual caruncle existed and was connected to the ordinarynarrow excretory duct distal to the diverticular enlargement of the submandibular duct. The submandibular duct reservoir followed by the short terminal excretory duct opened into the oral cavity through the sublingual caruncle. The lining epithelium of the diverticular enlargement of the submandibular duct was the pseudostratified columnar type. No sublingual duct reservoir was found in the Sprague-Dawley strain rats that were investigated. The anlage of the submandibular gland was first observed in the 14 days old in-utero specimens. In the 17 days old in-utero specimens, an apparent submandibular duct reservoir was present and the terminal buds (anlage of acini) were well differentiated. Secretory materials were seen in the lumina of the submandibular duct and the terminal buds. These findings indicate that the secretion of the submandibular gland cannot enter the oral cavity until at least 16 days in utero.
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