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연세대학교 신입생의 치아우식 이환률(罹患率)에 관한 연구

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 (A) study on the prevalence of dental caries of the freshman students of Yonsei University 
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The object of this study was to investigate the prevalence of dental caries and the DMF index of university students and to establish a basic data for school dental health service. In February 1971 clinical oral examinations were conducted

according to WHO criteria on a total of 2,375(male: 1945; female: 430) freshman students of Yonsei University, ranging in age from 17 to 23.

Average number of carious, missing, filled and total DMF teeth were presented according to age and sex. The DMF teeth of urban students were compared with those of rural students.

As an indicator of dental caries treatment required, the value of DMF-S index was also presented and would be compared with that of 974, to evaluate the school dental health service.

The results obtained from this survey were summerized as follows:

(1) The average number of present permanent teeth was 28.89 ± 1.43, which increased with age.

(2) The prevalence of dental caries was 75.28% (male: 72.70%; female: 86.96%).

(3) Average number of DMF teeth was 3.40 ± 3.21 (male: 3.15 ± 3.16; female: 4.53 ± 3.29).

(4) DMF-S index was 6.32±6.94 (male: 5.87 ± 6.85; female; 8.37 ± 7.45), which increased with age.

(5) Females were higher in the percentage of DMF rate, DMF-T rate and in the value of D-index, M-index, F-index, DMF index and DMF-S index than males.

(6) Urban students were higher in the value of DMF index than rural students.
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