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국소적 구연산도포가 성견 치주낭 치유에 미치는 효과에 대한 연구

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 (The) effect of topical citric acid application on the healing of experimental intrabony pocket 
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치주질환으로 파괴된 치주조직의 치유에 국소적 구연산도포가 미치는 영향에 관하여 알

아보기 위하여 산처리유무에 따른 치주조직의 치유과정을 조직병리학적으로 관찰하였다.

성견 제 3, 4 소구치의 근심치근에 치조골하방 3mm 깊이의 3 wall intrabony pocket을

외과적으로 형성하고 9주가 지난뒤, 치료를 하지않은 대조군과 치근활택술 및 치은판막술

을 시행한 실험군, 치근활택술과 치은판막술 및 pH 1 구연산 처리를 함께 한 실험군으로

나누어 실험후 2, 4, 8, 16주째 실험동물을 각각 2마리씩 희생시켜 Hematoxylin과 Eosin

염색 및 Gomori's trichrome 염색을 하여 광학현미경으로 관찰한 결과 다음과 같은 소견

을 얻었다.

1. 상피세포의 근단이동은 대조군에서는 실험기간동안 지속되었으나 실험군에서는 8주

이후부터 근단이동을 볼 수 없었고, 실험군간의 차이점은 없었다.

2. Supracrestal fiber의 부착은 대조군에서는 4주까지 전혀 관찰되지 않았으나 두 실

험군에서는 산처리에 관계없이 4주부터 관찰되었다.

3. 두 실험군에서 산처리에 관계없이 백아질재생이 2주부터 관찰되었으며 대조군에서는

전 실험기간을 통하여 관찰되지 않았다.

4. 골내낭기저부에서의 치조골형성은 대조군은 16주에서, 두 실험군에서는 2주부터 다

양하게 관찰되었다.

5. 치주인대의 재생은 대조군에서는 실험 전기간에 걸쳐 관찰되지 않았으나 실험군에서

는 산처리유무에 관계없이 8주부터 부분적으로 결함조직섬유의 재부착이 관찰되었고, 16

주에는 치주인대와 같은 기능적 배열을 보였다.

6. 결합조직내 염증세포침윤은 실험기간이 경과함에 따라 감소되었으며, 대조군보다 실

험군에서 미약하게 관찰되었다.


This study was undertaken to observe histopathologic changes of periodontal

tissues in dogs after surgical periodontal thereapy with or without acid treatment,

and to evaluate the effect of topical application of citric acid on the

pathologically exposed root surfaces.

In this experiment,8 dogs were used and divided into untreated control, surgical

experimental and acid treated experimental groups. After 9 wks of making intrabony

pocket, gingival flap was reopened for surgical and acid demineralizing treatment.

Thereafter, the dogs were serially sacrificed each 2 dogs every 2,4,8 and 16 wks.

after surgical or acid treatment.

The specimens were obtained in block and made the original slides cut with a

thickness of 8μm, and stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and Gomori's one-step

trichrome method.

The results were as follows;

1. The continuous apical migration of epithelium was observed in untreated

control group, however there was no apical migration in two experimental groups

from 8 wks.

2. The supracrestal fiber attachment was lost until 4 weks., in control group.

But it was regained from 4 wks. in in 2 experimental groups regardless of acid


3. Throughout the experimental periods, new cementum was observed in 2

experimental groups except control.

4. There was various bone regeneration in the intrabony notch area at 16 wks. of

untreated control and all experimental periods of 2 experimental groups.

5. In the all experimental groups, ligamental fiber adhesion was observed until 4

wks. and new attachment appeared from 8 wks. in the inferior notch area. But there

was not ligament regeneration in the control group.

6. The infiltration of inflammatory cells decreased according to advance of

experiment, and was observed lesser in experimental groups than untreated control.
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