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한국의 보건소 근무 치과위생사의 공중구강보건사업 수행업무실태와 대학교육간의 연관성

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 Usefulness of Dental Hygiene Education Curriculum in the Public Oral Health Service Performance in Korea 
 유자혜  ;  조영식  ;  권호근  ;  정원균 
 Journal of Dental Hygiene Science, Vol.5(4) : 165-170, 2005 
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Journal of Dental Hygiene Science(치위생과학회지)
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Dental hygienist ; Education curriculum ; Frequency of task ; Oral health education ; Public oral health service center
Dental hygienist ; Education curriculum ; Frequency of task ; Oral health education ; Public oral health service center
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of dental hygiene education curriculum such as oral prophylaxis, preventive dentistry, public oral health, oral health statistics, oral health education in the public oral health service performance. Questionnaire survey was posed to 96 dental hygienists working in health centers and health subcenters. The relativity among frequency of task, usefulness, importance, and reinforcement of the education curriculum in the health centers, and the effect of current dental hygiene education curriculum on public oral health service were studied. The results were follows; 1. Sealant was performed the most frequently in the health centers and health subcenters, and it was also the most useful content in the education curriculum. And the tooth brushing method was considered the most important in the curriculum. Therefore, oral health education was considered as factor which required the most reinforcement. However, the issues of school water fluoridation and water fluoridation in the public oral health were barely brought up as a matter of subject. 2. In the relationship between the frequency of task and the usefulness of curriculum, it showed that the more frequency of task was more useful. In the relationship between importance and reinforcements of curriculum, it showed that the more importance of the education curriculum requires more reinforcement. And more frequently performed task should be more strengthened. 3. According to the education course hours, current education curriculum course hours were 532.4 hours, which is 42.9 hours more spent than the original curriculum guideline. Lecture hours were 205.4 hours, which is 50.6 hours less, and the practice hours were 327 hours, which is 93.5 hours more than the original curriculum guideline. 4. Because of the insufficient course hours of curriculum compared to the frequency of the task, the oral health education, oral prophylaxis, and preventive dentistry should be reinforced more than now. But the oral health statistics and public oral health curriculum were not only emphasized, but also any reinforced compared to other tasks.
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