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열공성 뇌졸중 환자에서 열공성 증후군 분류의 의의 및 확산강조영상의 유용성

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 Availability of Classification of Lacunar Syndrome and Diffusion-weighed MR Imaging in Lacunar Stroke. 
 유승  ;  김훈  ;  유인술  ;  김승환  ;  정성필  ;  박정수 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine (대한응급의학회지), Vol.14(4) : 360-365, 2003 
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 Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine (대한응급의학회지) 
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Diffusion ; infarction ; Magnetic resonance imaging
Diffusion ; infarction ; Magnetic resonance imaging
Purpose: This study was performed to evaluate the availability of classification of lacunar syndrome and of diffusion-weighted MRI as initial diagnostic tools for patients with lacunar syndrome. Methods: From January 1 to October 31, 2001, we prospectively studied patients presenting with lacunar syndrome. All patients were scanned using diffusion-weighted MRI and were then classified into categories based on the diagnosis pure motor stroke and ataxic hemiparesis, sensory motor stroke, pure sensory stroke, dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome, and others. Results: The total number of patents was 72; 60 cases of lacunar infarcts and 12 cases of lacunar hemorrhage. There were 42 cases of pure motor stroke and ataxic hemiparesis, 17 cases of sensory motor stroke, 8 cases of dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome,, 3 cases of pure sensory stroke, 2 cases of others, Lacunar syndrome can be caused by lesions in a variety of locations, and specific location can cause a variety of lacunar syndromes. With diffusion-weighted MRI, lacunar syndromes were visible in 91.7% of the patients (66/72) and lacunar infarcts were visible in 90% (54/60). The mean size of the lacunar infarcts was 11.90±5.04mm and the mean volume of lacunar hemorrhages was 4.70±2.08ml. Conclusion: This study showed that the classification of lacunar syndrome was of little benefit in the diagnosis and treatment of a lacunar infarct. Diffusion-weighted MRI, however, was a good initial diagnostic tool in cases of lacunar infarcts. An additional study of the availability of diffusion-weighted MRI for use in cases of hemorrhagic lesions is needed.
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