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심리사회적 중재가 간호대학생의 스트레스 지각, 대처방법, 스트레스 반응에 미치는 효과*

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 Effects of Psychosocial Stress Management on Stress and Coping in Student Nurses 
 김조자  ;  허혜경  ;  김보환  ;  강덕희 
 Korean Journal of Adult Nursing (성인간호학회지), Vol.16(1) : 90-101, 2004 
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Korean Journal of Adult Nursing(성인간호학회지)
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Stress ; Coping ; Psychosocial Stress management
Purpose: The purpose was to examine the effectiveness of a psychosocial stress management program on stress and coping in student nurses.
Method: A nonequivalent control group pre-posttest design was used. A convenience sample of 24 students from the Department of Nursing Wonju College of Medicine Yonsei University were assigned to experimental (n=12) and control groups (n=12). Stress was measured using the Visual Analog Scale (10 points) and blood cortisol. Coping was measured using a scale modified by So (1995) based on the Ways of Coping Checklist developed by Folkman and Lazarus (1985). Depression was measured using the CES-D by Radloff (1977) and state anxiety using the State Anxiety Inventory by Spielberger (1976). The psychosocial stress management program included education relaxation (Korean Dan Jeon-typed Breathing and music) and social support.
Result: Results showed for the two groups 1) a significant difference in stress scores (U= 19.50 p=0.002) 2) no difference in cortisol levels (8am 4pm) 3) a significant difference in problem-focused coping (U=25.50 p=0.007) 4) no difference in emotion-focused coping and 5) no difference in state anxiety and depression.
Conclusion: By utilizing the program students were able to learn how to control their stress and improve their coping. Therefore with a partial modification psychosocial stress management can be useful for continual management of stress in student nurses.
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