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 Synthesis of Magnetic Composite Particles by Alginate Encapsulation of Barium Ferrite Powders 
 이덕연  ;  오영일  ;  이용근  ;  김경남  ;  김광만  ;  김동현 
 Journal of the Korean Research Society for Dental Materials (대한치과기재학회지), Vol.31(1) : 75-79, 2004 
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 Journal of the Korean Research Society for Dental Materials (대한치과기재학회지) 
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magnetic ; ferrite ; alginate ; hyperthermia ; chemotherapy
Magnetic polymer composite materials with high coercivity have potential applications in medical diagnostic technologies, magnetic drug delivery, and hyperthermic cancer treatment. The purpose of this study was to prepare the magnetic composite particles by encapsulating barium ferrite powders with alginate and to investigate their physical and biological properties. 0.4 g of sodium alginate was dissolved in 20 ml of distilled water and different amount (0.4?4 g) of barium ferrite powder was dispersed in alginate solution using an ultrasonication method. The resulting barium ferrite-alginate slurry was added drop wise to a CaCl2 solution to form magnetic Ca-alginate composite beads. They were separated by filtration and washed several times with water and ethanol. The final product was then completely dried at 40?C under vacuum to obtain brownish black powders (0.1?1 mm in size) with a high magnetic response when submitted to a small magnet. Average size of magnetic composite particles was dependent on the amount of barium ferrite and the viscosity of slurry The morphological and dimensional analyses of magnetic composite particles were performed by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Magnetic polymer composite particle was found to maintain the high coercivity. The saturation magnetization value for magnetic Ca-alginate composites increased with the increase of the barium ferrite/alginate ratio. The amount of self-heating induced by hysteresis under an alternating magnetic field was measured as a function of barium ferrite/alginate ratio in distilled water. According to the results, the encapsulated magnetic composite is expected to be useful for hyperthermia and chemotherapy remarkably.
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