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영상매체의 고혈압관련 기사 내용 분석

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 An Analysis on the Contents Related to Hypertension In the Television Broadcast 
 고일선  ;  이태화  ;  이정자  ;  이선미  ;  김의숙 
 Journal of Korean Public Health Nursing (한국보건간호학회지), Vol.18(1) : 90-102, 2004 
Journal Title
 Journal of Korean Public Health Nursing (한국보건간호학회지) 
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Hypertension ; Mass-media ; Broadcasting reports
The purpose of the study was to analyze the current status of hypertension related information on the mass-media. Data were collected on the hypertension related reports in three major broadcasting centers, KBS1·2, MBC, SBS, for 2 years, 1999-2001. Sample of the study was 134 reports. The results were as follows : 1. There were differences in frequencies by broadcasting center and programs. KBS and 9PM News highest in proportions, 62.6% and 37.3% respectively. 2. In regard to reporting time, 90% were reported in the afternoon, and 62.5% of those reports were in 9 PM, followed by 8PM, & 7PM, and 6AM. 3. In regard to area of the report, 35.8% belonged to social section, followed by 26.1% science, 15.7% international, and 11.2% life and health, 4. In terms of monthly distribution. December, November, and August had higher proportion of reports than other months as well as fall and winter. 5. There were higher proportion of reports containing 'treatment and management' with 'complication management' targeted to 'patients' than 'prevention' targeted to 'general population' in terms of content of the report. In summary, MBC and SBS were more focused on 'treatment and management' with KBS more focused on 'prevention'. There were more 'prevention' related reports in summer, and 'complication management' reports in the morning with 'treatment and management' reports in the afternoon.
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