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CDMA 네트워크에서의 ECG 압축 알고리즘의 성능 평가

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 Performance Evaluation of Wavelet-based ECG Compression Algorithms over CDMA Networks 
 김병수  ;  유선국 
 Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (전기학회논문지), Vol.53D(9) : 663-669, 2004 
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Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers(전기학회논문지)
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CDMA Network ; Wavelet Compression ; Rajoub’s Algorithm ; EZW ; WHOSC
The mobile tole-cardiology system is the new research area that support an ubiquitous health care based on mobile telecommunication networks. Although there are many researches presenting the modeling concepts of a GSM-based mobile telemedical system, practical application needs to be considered both compression performance and error corruption in the mobile environment. This paper evaluates three wavelet ECG compression algorithms over CDMA networks. The three selected methods are Rajoub using EPE thresholding, Embedded Zerotree Wavelet(EZW) and Wavelet transform Higher Order Statistics Coding(WHOSC) with linear prediction. All methodologies protected more significant information using Forward Error Correction coding and measured not only compression performance in noise-free but also error robustness and delay profile in CDMA environment. In addition, from the field test we analyzed the PRD for movement speed and the features of CDMA 1X. The test results show that Rajoub has low robustness over high error attack and EZW contributes to more efficient exploitation in variable bandwidth and high error. WHOSC has high robustness in overall BER but loses performance about particular abnormal ECG.
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