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심폐소생술에 관한 예후 정보 제공 후 노인들의 사전 의사결정에 대한 태도

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 Attitudes of Elderly Persons toward Advanced Directives after Providing Prognostic Information on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR 
 성병모  ;  조준호  ;  좌민홍  ;  정현수  ;  정성필  ;  박인철 
 Journal of the Korean Geriatrics Society (노인병), Vol.12(3) : 153-159, 2008 
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Journal of the Korean Geriatrics Society(노인병)
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Advance directives ; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ; Prognosis
Background: Patients who survive CPR are profoundly disabled and live with reduced quality of life. Therefore advanced directives are needed to ensure that life sustaining therapies are provided appropriately. This study compared the attitudes of elderly subjects toward advanced directives for CPR before and after receiving CPR education.

Methods: Between January and July 2007, 99 ambulatory persons aged older than 64 years were recruited from six community welfare facilities for the elderly. A questionnaire was distributed to obtain demographic data and their basic understanding and attitudes toward CPR. After providing information and showing a video clip on CPR, we compared whether having received this information influenced the?thoughts of our subjects on CPR.

Results: None had had previous education on CPR, including prognostic information. Most overestimated the survival chance after CPR. Most wished to be resuscitated. After providing prognostic information on CPR and showing a short video clip, there was a change in their decision and the knowledge of CPR outcome seemed to influence their thoughts on CPR. In particular, the information on CPR prognosis greatly influenced their decision.

Conclusion: Elderly people rarely have a chance to receive information regarding CPR. As a result, their decision to receive CPR may not accurately reflect the patient??s wishes in emergency circumstances. It is important to pro- vide accurate prognostic information to help the elderly in their life-sustaining treatment decisions
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