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국내 의료기관 혈액은행의 업무 현황 조사보고

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 The Nationwide Survey Report of Blood Transfusion Services in Korea 
 백은정  ;  이성실  ;  송성욱  ;  김신영  ;  임영애  ;  오덕자  ;  김현옥 
 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지), Vol.19(3) : 180-186, 2008 
Journal Title
 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지) 
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Blood bank ; Data collection ; Transfusion ; Quality control
Background: Inspection for status of blood banks (BB) has been applied for larger hospitals, but never done for smaller ones on a nationwide scale in Korea. Here, we analyzed the status of the BBs for transfusion services and equipments, especially for smaller hospitals. Methods: The subjects were all hospitals provided more than one unit of blood by Korean Red Cross (KRC) in 2006. We divided the hospitals to a big-hospital and a small-hospital group, who got over or under 5,000 units of blood from Korean Red Cross in 2006. The questionnaires were delivered by mail. Result: The number of total hospitals was 2,488 and Small-H was 2,381 accounting for 95.7% of total. The response rate was 23.1%. Among Small-H, 35% had no working manual, 61% was not involved in certification programs, 17% had no refrigerators exclusively used for blood. Furthermore, 31% performed only cell typing as ABO typing, 69% didn't test antibody detection, and 7% used a slide method for crossmatching tests. And, 6% used blood information sharing system and 28.4% hospitals shipped blood by blood transport containers. Discarded amount of blood was 16.8 units and the main component was RBC. Conclusion: The level of management and services showed a great difference between two groups. The Small-H is thought to need more support and attention from government. This study would be an essential data for understanding the current state and establishing government policy for safe transfusion.
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